2017 august 2nd

Wow I am making slow progress towards getting home with home care as of Friday. I’m concerned but it’s s uphill road from here I believe. Anxiety and panic are the enemy. Dr needs to suggest mild tranquilizer maybe. Home health aide has 8 hours weekly. She’s through elder services and veterans. She s gem. 

Tamarac rehab and health assigns assessment RN on Monday then PT   OT   whatever. A private aide is available next week but limited. 

COPD has been treacherous this year. Perhaps it’s weakening. That would be excellent woohoo me hoping for improved living. 

Bobs been running ragged I’m making him rush to keep myself going. Jennifer has been getting supplies reliving heel and elbow discomfort. 

Caj was glad yo visit day before yesterday. Wooho Caj 

That’s it going to sleep shortly. 


2017 July 

Back in Westside Regional with pneumonia.  Blood work, X-rays, ekg, etc. Blah

IV antibiotics administered. 

Enough of this being a patient. It’s ridiculous. 

Hope I’ll be home sooner than later. 

On a pleasant mention thank you EMTs in Tamarac for bringing me downstairs this morning. You are wonderful and very comforting in times of panic.  


2017 July starts

With a good health plan. No major short of breathing this day. Half the year has been and continues to be difficult but I am making strides to stay calm. Six months past with medications changed, in hospital followed by several weeks skilled facility for physical and occupational therapy; unfortunately daily activities failed to at home. Perhaps the ugly COPD is losing strength and things will get better. 

  1. Doing minimal activities at turtle pace may helpnay grlo
  2. Exercise daily may help 
  3. Rest may help 
  4. My goal to get upstairs and nut feel threatened by my disease. 

That’s it   Find Independence Day filled with fun and safety. 


2017 June 12

I chanced going upstairs and was successful. Dennis and Bob followed along. It is exhausting but later after a restful hour or longer I’ll shampoo my hair and shower this body. I’m I. My way to nesting future with stronger physical abilities I think. 

About time. 


2017 transportation failures

Since being home from heartland of tamarac nothing goes smoothly for primary doctor appointment transports. 

  1. Late being picked up to have primary physican provide referrals to specialists. After long wait to get there no problem getting home BUT
  2. MONDAY pulmonary doctorsoffice closed before CarePlus transportation came to bring Bob and me home; we waited more than an hour and made a few quiry calls but waiting was the main aspect causing upsetment -(and) 
  3. WEDNESDAY -(today) the same thing but  even Worse novtrabfpirtstion till then bet an hour and p go to cardiology doctor. To come home I ran out of oxygen in portable tank, called transportation of CarePlus several times and they called me repeatedly. Finally I called 911 to hear the officer would not bring oxygen but would be sent. The transportation van arrived at wrong door of building entrance. 
  4. The driver told my husband and me we might have been forgotten. 

What s bunch of crap. Look at the telephone communication log from my cell phone. Disgusting. 

CarePlus advertises plenty but refuses to comply to the company’s agreement to patient commitments. And even worse than being negligent to somebody in a physical dilemma there is a chance I’ll have to purchase a rechargeable concentrator for longevity in the future. 

How horrible is it for senior citizens to be disrespected and nearly left stranded. 

Getting older has many downfalls. Believing in insurance coverage should be a breeze not a kick in the ass.