2017 august 2nd

Wow I am making slow progress towards getting home with home care as of Friday. I’m concerned but it’s s uphill road from here I believe. Anxiety and panic are the enemy. Dr needs to suggest mild tranquilizer maybe. Home health aide has 8 hours weekly. She’s through elder services and veterans. She s gem. 

Tamarac rehab and health assigns assessment RN on Monday then PT   OT   whatever. A private aide is available next week but limited. 

COPD has been treacherous this year. Perhaps it’s weakening. That would be excellent woohoo me hoping for improved living. 

Bobs been running ragged I’m making him rush to keep myself going. Jennifer has been getting supplies reliving heel and elbow discomfort. 

Caj was glad yo visit day before yesterday. Wooho Caj 

That’s it going to sleep shortly. 


2017 June 1st

Home finally and doing good. Able to walk with and without walker short distances. Made sandwiches for Bob and myself around 2:30pm. Slept on sofa till 5:45pm. Walked to lavatory with Bob assisting; he wheeled oxygen as I used the walker. All is ok – back to sofa for tv watching, supper, and whatever. 

Jennifer called a bit ago, waiting for Alex and maybe they’ll stop over. 

Renee and me spoke and texted earlier she’s ok. 

Bluetooth earpiece functions well, to call and/receive incoming communications. 

Dennis is still working. 

Russell and I texted. 

Leta I left message I think textvor call v

Enough for now as focus is hindered somewhat. 

Charles the cat and Caj the dog sre so happy I’m home; the two pets are sniffing snd staying nearby. 

Wheelchair still in truck of vehicle. Tote bag Requires emptying. 



Good bye Halloween…but hurry up…Thanksgiving. I can’t wait for that huge turkey and all its fixing’s dinner. My daughter does the whole nine yards annually; she kicks ass. She serves not only a big bird; in additional, ham, lasagna, potato salad, vegetables, of course pies – usually made by Anthony her son. Me and Bob just go to eat and get big hugs, kisses, and to make sure that nothing is missing; giving her part of the materials to cook up makes me feel so good. I hate to take home leftovers, it is less for her household. She always insists, makes several plates to go, and that’s it. Hmm…she is one of a kind!!!

Now for the typical starting point in this month

  • .booklet for Battle of the Sexes (Trivia) members was printed yesterday
    • it will be attached, in *.pdf file, to download and print
    • the members that I see will receive a free hard-copy from me in December.
  • .a handful of kiddoes knocked, for trick or treats; I’m disappointed
    • furthermore, now I am going to have to eat whatever is left
    • I might share with Bob (my husband), Dennis (my son), aah?!?
  • Charles (the cat) and Caj (the dog) are getting bigger and more playful
    • both enjoy waking the other up, for a few rounds of licking and sniffing
    • early morning treats are the favorite day’s choice – for both pets
  • Bob’s eye procedure by Dr. Loh went perfectly
    • she removed a cataract and implanted something to aid vision
    • the worse aspect of this was those eye drops, at vary intervals
    • and, keeping Bob from bending, lifting, and walking the dog
  • C.O.P.D. and me are in sync I believe, as the newest inhaler extends respiration’s

That’s is about it for updating personal information, at this time. Putting away the decorations on the exterior area of my house will occur tomorrow most likely. There is minimal stuff.

Gathering December’s decorations from the storage area follows. Putting up lights to brighten the lawn and maybe backyard is a must. Glittery artificial trees will adorn bedroom windows upstairs. Garland might hold small ornaments, on the wrought iron gate. And, who knows for sure what else I have stored away…there is only 4 large bins. As for gift giving, that’s down pat, everybody will receive something on an individual basis.

This is going to be one of the least expensive year’s-end gift giving, as everything else has increased with my budget staying the same. Maybe next year (2017) my mind, my heart, and my wallet will be synchronized … to make for a no-struggle ‘gift-giving event’ at Christmas / Channukah.


You know the to-do…just left click and display the booklet. It amazes me that I have been able to maintain annual revisions, updates, and printouts ….

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed


2016 October Mid-month

Hurricane Matthew passed us with only a few hours of heavy rain and wind. There were damages throughout the state of Florida further north. Georgia and North Carolina were not as fortunate. And of course … Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas and any other islands were hit severely. Shame on this type of weather.

Health-wise it seems I am okay for a good while. The pulmonary specialist provided 2 inhalers, for an additional treatment daily; in addition, this must be administered with the other inhaler … for morning and for nighttime. Hmm…! It is getting to be a tedious chore to keep healthy. As the primary physician suggested an additional supplement, over the counter drug; Magnesium and also Calcium, plus a cholesterol maintaining prescription. I think this is over the top ignorance. Perhaps I should laugh at loud to myself about my health…and its deviousness that cannot stop me just yet.

My pulmonary specialist suggests that I push myself more. Perhaps he has no clue that I do all the grocery shopping, preparing meals and serving my husband, my son, myself and the pets; perhaps he did not ask “what do you do?” That might be why he is thinking I do very little. There are other things I do … not everyday … but, regularly. I do 2 and 3 loads of laundry twice a month, in addition I keep track of budgetary expenditures in a spreadsheet … since years ago. I clean my house weekly, as well as have YaYa come in nearly twice a month – for the more heavy cleaning. Then there’s changing linens, folding cleaned clothing and putting things away, dusting manually as well as using a Dust Robot. So if that’s not enough I maintain economic frugality as much as possible, request refunds and/or rebates as due. Managing a household is not merely shopping, cooking, cleaning, and caring for pets. Managing a household takes time to organize how-to prevent accidents, breakage, and a whole bunch more; maybe I should mention to the doctor that I am not just a lazy-ass sit-around patient.

Somewhere in between household management a few hours weekly are contributed to volunteer services, in my community. Annually I am awarded a certificate, a letter from the president, and a medal for the total hours. Hmm…I am a very busy unemployed individual. I even have to admit that I am working on three more books…soon to be self-published.

Easter/Passover, Halloween and Christmas/Channukah I prepare goodies and post in blog and social media. Decorating also is part of my responsibility; however, my son that lives home with Bob and me does help with hanging scariness – for trick or treaters, outside. Yep I do so much more that it would take more than the already self-published books (17 so far) to convey what I do. Woohoo to myself as I truly deserve it….

I am not angry by his inference that I should push myself more … I am querying his motive.

Charles the cat has been videoed playing with mini-blueberry muffins, and actually enjoying a small piece; I posted both videos on Facebook…and have received several likes.

Caj the dog has been also actively playful with the cat; in addition to local neighbors’ dogs…. It’s is amazing that animals can play, sniff, and obey commands of the owners…I am so impressed.

Next month I shall print the first booklet, of Trivia (Battle of the Sexes) participants. There are numerous periodically attending members, regular members, and there are several long-time members…all of which are very good participants. Once I proofread the booklet, edit as necessary, and approve the color-images … this booklet will be printed (at home). Assembling the booklet is simple enough; this process requires the individuals that receive a copy to fold in half, for perfectly numbered book-like pages.

And yep Christmas / Channukah brings gift givings. There are a few gifts that I am going to order with personalized images, for immediate family. As a special gift to both the cat and the dog, gifts also will be ordered. It was 2013 when I adopted Caj (the dog). It was 2014 when I adopted Charles (the cat), for my son DCM, so why not give the pets their very own personalized gifts. Both animals are part of our family, bringing so much happiness even though responsibility is also necessary.

My Bob is having an eye procedure next week, which makes me a little nervous, for him. It is going to improve his vision. According to a few of the participants in Trivia – that have had it – not to worry.

Our youngest grandson is not so little anymore; he is 15 in a couple of days. Where the time flew from and to makes me ponder how soon he’ll be graduating high school, heading to college, and probably involved in a happily ever after relationship?!? Wow … a good student, a good to great football player, and a very delightful dude that makes we that know him happy. My daughter (his mother) knows he can do anything when he puts his mind to it, and that his bigger brothers are guiding him into the future – something often not found in this day and age.

The only granddaughter is getting older as well; she is in middle school. Her grades are good, her attitude is good but she does have a mind of her own. She displays wonderment, about education and she and her family enjoy moments together … daily. This family is one to be commended for their outstandingness.

At times I wish I owned a huge house, for all of us to reside, so that there would be more time to observe the growth and development … making my heart filled with peacefulness. I am blessed even though C.O.P.D. has a tight grip on my lungs. Woohoo…me!!!

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed

2016 October Mid-month

2016 Mid-September

Finally the roof is nearing its finale’ – of being rebuilt in front and middle sections. The raining we have endured for several weeks just created chaos. The ceilings in both front windows leaked, creating a few miserable towel squeezing days and nights. This problem will – hopefully – become a memory, as the materials that replaced water-logged roof into ceiling has a double-like coating. One regular rebuilding aspect, followed with a pressure cleaning, and finally the silicone of entire roof’s sealing layer. This is pretty much going to be a future blessing – even though expensive.

Jennifer enjoyed her 44th birthday with friends, at dinner and afterwards celebrating in an arcade lounge. Wow its weird knowing my once baby girl has become such a wonderful, trustworthy, and beautiful individual. There are times when I look at her photographs from way back when and find myself amazed in the lifelong journey she has made. One day in the next few years my daughter will experience grandmother-hood. Then, just perhaps, she will understand that importance of being alive and filled with hopefulness of many tomorrows. For now, she is still a mom to her youngest son, which makes her pleased by his excellence in educational and sports activities. Woohoo – you go girl!!!

Your life thus far in pictures

My son Dennis is still contributing hours of working time to clients, repairing their vehicles after his typical work day. Here at home he makes living in the aging years less stressful – for Bob and Lana. There’s not much more to want in life, as we grow into even more senior-wise. There is only a best wishes for his future to be as healthy as can be.

Both pets – Charles the cat and Caj the dog – have brought-forth years of comfort on dreary days. Each animal displays its personal “I love you” with meows and/or long stares. The appreciation both shows makes our once pet-free home full of warmth.

So as this month heads to its final 2 weeks, so does that month of chilling and fun filled treat or treaters’ momentum. I may even do the typical sitting outside with a bowl of candies, candles lit, and that costume hanging…to attract neighborhood youngsters. For the past few years I have made Halloween a caring time, displaying and giving my time, to children and their parents.

h-2014-Halloween zaa
Past Table-setting

The new setting will be unique…with additional…scary but delicious items.

Well that’s it for now. Next month the 4th quarter brings so much to share.

Lana Reddock

2016 Mid-September

2016 it’s Already July

Yep this year is halfway finished. Monday is the Independence Day celebration at just about every home, park, and community. Only 6 months till the next Christmas and Chanukah. Where did the time go?!?

For myself this time was filled with editing a couple of books. One in particular is about ready to be published. The other, it requires additional time – proofreading and editing, for as perfect as possible…for me.

Bob is doing good. Dennis is doing good. Jennifer is doing good. And Alex is about ready to being his Junior Football Coaching. Russ & his family are doing good…so my heart is finally at peace.

Even Charles the cat and Caj the dog are doing good. Wow – maybe this will be a stupendous year, as it speeds passed.

We all are prepared as much as possible for any negative and nasty weather, which normally has summertime and early fall ruined, by Hurricanes and Storms. So let us each be safe. Let us each be in good health. And, mostly, let the rest of the world’s assholes stop destroying others, and themselves.

Lana Reddock, M. of Ed

2016 it’s Already July

2016 Hurricane Season

in Florida began early this year; in the Caribbean there were 2 potential storm threats. Each petered out in the Atlantic, leaving Florida’s southeastern coastline in-tact. What will be is yet to surface, in the following five or six months. And the probability of a nasty hurricane is high, as 2004 was the last major hurricane, doing more damages to multiple areas than before.

Keeping my fingers-crossed (sought of) my household is semi-prepared. A supply of charcoal, lighter fluid, and an old barbecue grill awaits. Testing the cooking last week proved that I haven’t anything to worry about – my skill is not masterful yet ample.

My grandson Alex lost his Nana, towards the end of last week; she was 91 years old. Her family is having a beautiful and bountiful service in a day or two. Family, friends, and neighbors will attend, making her one of the upper most residents in the area. Living in Virginia does not permit regular visits, from we in Florida; therefore, Alex and his dad Eric will fly there…to have a final moment with her. We all wish each in mourning the most blessed day, for the funeral and safe traveling to and from.

The Walker family 2007
The Walker family 2007

There’s nothing much I can add except that I believe Alex’s Nana will ascend into Heaven to join her deceased husband, of a few years back. He made their town into a place conducive for adults, children, and visitors to work and to play safely. His baseball field will stand in memory, for youngsters to admire, before and after they part take in any games. The Nana will be looking down upon the visitors as well with kindness, to provide something of value – rarely understood. Rest In Peace

Caj met the two beautiful and large dogs that live on the diagonal corner. Each is very well behaved, adhere to owners commands, and enjoy the same silliness as my dog. Yep, the two charged out onto the median and my dog was so happy to have four-legged buddies. Woohoo…!!!

Charles just remains a house cat; as the possibility of him chasing a bird or a squirrel up a tree makes me leery. He on a rare occasion ventures out the patio doors, sniffs about on the patio but does not get on the grassy yard. Somehow the dog puts a stop to it…as well as I stating, “get in the house.” Yep the cat knows commands, as well as obeys.

I’m a happy pet owner knowing the animals are not getting injured or roaming far from home.

Bob once again has been concerned with his renal system’s activity. It was all improved in 2013 only to find, similar symptoms of that past surfaced. Testing can bring light onto the subject; he and I anticipate a non-threatening occurrence. Sometimes the human body just gives us a warning – to be more careful in diet and in activity.

Lana me, I too had a similar renal system wake up call but it turned out to be a no problem; it was just a couple of days weirdness. Then again, I guess weirdness for me is something I should expect in my aging years. {ha-ha}

Well this month begin the semi-annual point in 2016. Wow time flew passed so quickly that it makes me think about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Chanukah to-doings. Whatever – right!?! I don’t know if I am ready to shop yet but I’ll be viewing advertisements, to get the best deals.

Have a safe and wonderful future…from our house to yours….

Lana T Reddock, M. Ed

2016 Hurricane Season