2017 august 2nd

Wow I am making slow progress towards getting home with home care as of Friday. I’m concerned but it’s s uphill road from here I believe. Anxiety and panic are the enemy. Dr needs to suggest mild tranquilizer maybe. Home health aide has 8 hours weekly. She’s through elder services and veterans. She s gem. 

Tamarac rehab and health assigns assessment RN on Monday then PT   OT   whatever. A private aide is available next week but limited. 

COPD has been treacherous this year. Perhaps it’s weakening. That would be excellent woohoo me hoping for improved living. 

Bobs been running ragged I’m making him rush to keep myself going. Jennifer has been getting supplies reliving heel and elbow discomfort. 

Caj was glad yo visit day before yesterday. Wooho Caj 

That’s it going to sleep shortly. 


2017 June 1st

Home finally and doing good. Able to walk with and without walker short distances. Made sandwiches for Bob and myself around 2:30pm. Slept on sofa till 5:45pm. Walked to lavatory with Bob assisting; he wheeled oxygen as I used the walker. All is ok – back to sofa for tv watching, supper, and whatever. 

Jennifer called a bit ago, waiting for Alex and maybe they’ll stop over. 

Renee and me spoke and texted earlier she’s ok. 

Bluetooth earpiece functions well, to call and/receive incoming communications. 

Dennis is still working. 

Russell and I texted. 

Leta I left message I think textvor call v

Enough for now as focus is hindered somewhat. 

Charles the cat and Caj the dog sre so happy I’m home; the two pets are sniffing snd staying nearby. 

Wheelchair still in truck of vehicle. Tote bag Requires emptying. 


2017 May 23rd

Had a horrendous day from 2:30am forward to 5:00am, followed by afternoon short of breath again. Inhalation therapy diminished physical stress partially. Relaxing g and getting assistance from Micki occupational therapist got me ready to exercise. Steve did physical therapy afterwards, before transporting me to my room. 

Dinner was good. Bob followed it with chocolate ice cream from home; yummy. 

 Nurses aide assisted in changing into night attire. Bathroom needs done and now ready for rest. Dancing With the Stars is on its finale. A win beer will be receiving the mirror ball

Night meds and watching NEWS before a good nights sleep – I anticipate no problem. I need to be positive that all will be ok. 

Good night yawl. Be healthy. Good night balloons deflating day after day. 


2017 March 1st

Soon a new month takes over and brings good things for me and others. COPD has latched on but slowly is decreasing in misery. My mind says I’ll be okay but my lungs still are hesitant at times. Everyday I do activities that often get taken for granted during well-times. So making coffee, preparing salad, or guiding Bob through the how-to of making dinner has been successful. Yep each day more and more, then the rest period to maintain stamina. I can’t wait till I can walk my dog half a street and take him to the dog park.

Patience is not one of my many traits. Being prepared is my way, to maintain a fairly steady flow at home. Soon enough I know all will be better. 

Bob needs s rest from doing so much. 

Dennis needs a rest from doing so much. 

Jennifer visits after work, which is exhausting. 

Russ Provides long distance encouragement and woohoo’s when I convey improvement. 

So I am blessed and they are stressed till I get mist of my strength back. 

My doctor should have insight to how much longer this healing will take till I’m okay. This morning I’ll get that input – I hope. 


2017 February 17

The COPD and Bronchitis attack January 21st kicked me something awful. Ten days in University Hospital in Tamarac FL, where I had to be in bed with oxygen 24/7. Atovan or something was administered frequently to sedate my anxiety, of extreme short of breath condition. On death bed it seemed to my husband Bob, he contacted my youngest son who flew in for 4 days. My oldest son was totally an emotional wreck. My daughter also found my condition’s downhill horrendous and together my children worried. 

Getting me out of the hospital was the only solution, however it took several days to locate and get insurance approval. I remember hearing them talking to me and amongst themselves. And I remember telling them I felt drugged and scared. I remember thinking when I heard “mom, Russell is flying in on Tuesday. He’s staying 4 days.” 

“I’m on my deathbed. I don’t want to die” I told them – Bob, Dennis, and Jennifer – but whether they knew I was aware of their worry or not they denied it.  So on Monday January 30, 2017 I was transported to Heartland of Tamarac; a rehabilitation and assistant living facility. 

Well from deathbed to daily workouts – physical and occupational – therapy brought my physiologic health back. The process is still continuing since coming home, on February 13, 2017. Although it seems impossible, my family and strangers praying; God must have rethought taking me. 

Now, February 17th, 2017, my biggest challenges are:

  • Breathe from with nasal cannula till pulmonary capacity is improved
  • Maintain a slow-paced daily activity level 
  • Divorce PANIC and ANXIETY, to prevent additional complications 

I am making progress at turtle speed but last night I finally went upstairs, for the first time since being home. Short of Breath with almost panic occurred till oxygen concentrator provided nasal cannula assistance. It took ten to fifteen minutes till I realized I made a giant step forward. And so the long overdue and much needed shower came with the long oxygen tubing, going in the shower with me. Phoo I feel so proud that I took a chance and now I can repeat last night many times over. 

Well everybody is up to date on my road fron death to the future….

Good night. Again, thank you all, for being solid in providing me a boost.

Lana T Reddock 


2017 Finally Home

It’s good to be home. Portable oxygen functions for almost two hours. Feeling good and nervous a bit. All will improve I am home and the aide comes this afternoon. Physical and occupational therapists continue exercises after evaluations of need. Home health aide evaluation tomorrow by registered nurse. 

Bob drove me home. Dennis drove the belongings and wheelchair. And he made me a cup of good coffee woohoo my son. Woohoo. 

Caj went bonkers happy. Barked before we opened door. He would not go for midday pee when Bob leashed him. The dog Caj just kept barking and whimpering to be close to me as I sit in wheelchair. 

Charles the cat is sniffing the wheelchair and my legs to get his bearings of who I am. I have been sick 4 weeks. He just got near for a petting. Now he’s on his ottoman near my wheelchair. 

Ten days in hospital then the rest of the time in Heartland of Tamarac for rehabilitation of physical and occupational therapies, to gain back physiological functionality. This is the worst ever COPD and Bronchitis has latched on to me for such s long time. 

Looking for a few years improved health with new portable oxygen and equipment. 

Thank you God for the improved pulmonary and physical uplifting. 

Thank you everybody in heartland of Tamarac for their gentle but firm guidance and exercises. You s “rock solid”. 

Signing off for today. I may not update on the 15th as there are appointments all this week. 

Lana Reddock, M. of Ed


2017 Brunch

Day One of this new year began with the sun shining, a slight breeze, and a temperature outside of high 70 degrees – in Tamarac Florida. Caj the dog was enjoying the warmth, for this first day in our refreshed ‘new’ year; however, last night – New Year’s Eve 2016 – Caj would not go outside beyond the driveway, for his nightly stroll because of fireworks from surrounding locations making noise that scared or that bothered his ears. Fortunately, Caj does not do ‘his business’ in the house – no matter how many hours go-passed. Woohoo my dog…!

Now for the good stuff that Bob and Lana repeat annually – our traditional Brunch instead of the normal breakfast fixings. What a blessing to prepare a few days in advance, making plating and table setting on the patio quick and eye appealing. Following is the display of numerous images capturing the process of start-to-finish – of our midday breaking of bread (so to speak).

The mini-videos speak for individuality, beginning to end. There is a video with Bob speaking with me that I am searching, to add as well….  

Dennis was unable to enjoy our Brunch in this first day of 2017; therefore, upon return home f rom his work at Jiffy Lube in Fort Lauderdale, FL his prepared later Brunch-like meal is ready….     



2017 Brunch