2017 July starts

With a good health plan. No major short of breathing this day. Half the year has been and continues to be difficult but I am making strides to stay calm. Six months past with medications changed, in hospital followed by several weeks skilled facility for physical and occupational therapy; unfortunately daily activities failed to at home. Perhaps the ugly COPD is losing strength and things will get better. 

  1. Doing minimal activities at turtle pace may helpnay grlo
  2. Exercise daily may help 
  3. Rest may help 
  4. My goal to get upstairs and nut feel threatened by my disease. 

That’s it   Find Independence Day filled with fun and safety. 


2017 May 23rd

Had a horrendous day from 2:30am forward to 5:00am, followed by afternoon short of breath again. Inhalation therapy diminished physical stress partially. Relaxing g and getting assistance from Micki occupational therapist got me ready to exercise. Steve did physical therapy afterwards, before transporting me to my room. 

Dinner was good. Bob followed it with chocolate ice cream from home; yummy. 

 Nurses aide assisted in changing into night attire. Bathroom needs done and now ready for rest. Dancing With the Stars is on its finale. A win beer will be receiving the mirror ball

Night meds and watching NEWS before a good nights sleep – I anticipate no problem. I need to be positive that all will be ok. 

Good night yawl. Be healthy. Good night balloons deflating day after day. 


2017 Midmonth April

Yep it is quickly flying by, the time that is. or myself it has been a slow but steady improved health-related physical escalation – in a good way. Unfortunately I am quite unhappy with this slowness; preferentially I want rapid to improve, rapidity to accomplish, and not slow downs in my daily-activity. Having COPD for 20 years (give or take a couple) there has never been a dull moment.

Frequently there have been 911 calls, for emergency transportation to the local hospital, in Tamarac FL. University Hospital / Medical Center seems to be the one place I have visited far too many times, since 1994 or 1995. Nonetheless this time-span has brought to the surface facts about medical personnel and the medical prescribed remedies for getting me (or others) back to a normal way of life. Dr Aguello seems to be the House-Doctor, sees patients regularly, and prescribes drugs to increase health as well as to diminish health – in my opinion. He has stated quite clearly over the past few years that I should not return to the University Hospital, upon signing my discharge papers. He states this with a smile on his face, and a hug but just the words make me believe it is a threatening fact – to which I must heed.

EMTs are the transporters and take me (or others) to the nearest emergency room; whether a choice is available or not is perplexing. Most times I cannot catch my breath to speak or to think of where to request.

  1. Am I a truly pain in the you know what?!?
  2. Does a doctor have the right to suggest a patient go to a different facility?!?
  3. Can a doctor be held accountable, in a patient safe-way, to maintain ethical standards – for all patients?!?

Several years ago I did suggest the EMTs or my husband transport me to Coral Springs Medical Center, which was a huge mistake. There I was treated in the emergency room to get breathing under control; typical lab work was done, oxygen was administered, and I was admitted to a room (I guess for observation). Hmmm…! The end result was that I was poorly treated by incompetent nurse, IV was dislodged and draining on my arm and my bed linen, correcting the problem took several hours – to which a new IV was inserted in my arm. Then, to top all the grossness off, a nurse in the middle of the sleep-time came in thinking I was sleeping; she made an attempt to inject something into the IV. When I moved my arm she quick left the room. I contacted my husband, but what could we have done. More so interesting and less healing was in that same hospital I was administered Penicillin even though I worn an allergy wrist band. Somehow I was there a day or two longer with much improve care, but I was ever so cautious.

This horrible incident brings to mind the memories of being a patient, in full need of trusting physicians and medical staffers – there is no guarantee that all personnel will be patient-correct in providing care. To make my mind more disturbed is the incident that occurred in University Hospital this year. Yes, January 2017 I was transported to University Hospital, to emergency room and admitted to a room. Because I have no physical that is affiliated with this hospital, even though I am a Tamarac FL resident, Dr Aguello was once again assigned me. His prescribed medication(s) kept me in a drugged-trance-like state for a week. I remember hearing individuals speaking, my daughter and sons communicating with my husband, and that although I wanted to reply – nothing would come out of my mouth. I could not speak nor think clearly; why was I in this drugged state of being?!?

Soon enough I was transferred to the Heartland of Tamarac Rehabilitation Center, whereby the staff did not administer any anxiety drugs, but did inforce (gently) physical activity. After two or three weeks I was ready to go home, and the rest is history…I am almost back to feeling health acceptability. A lengthy recovery brought things to mind that normally have been placed in the back of all thinking; mostly, remembering the medical incidents must be a priority that I (nor anybody else) forgets. Negative medical personnel makes for negative health-improvements.

Now, on a much more pleasant aspect, because my recovering from COPD and severe Bronchitis physically decreases the amounts of time I can walk, stand, and prepare meals – creating something delicious and less time consuming occurred. The newest recipe proved to be more than delicious; it has proved to be simple to prepare, to cook, and to serve. Here goes – Cabbage unRolled, as follows:

k-2017-Cabbage unRolled azt

Images of all ingredients are in the subdirectory Grandma’s Kitchen/Images, as follows:

1 medium cabbage (to steam)  1/2 lb ground beef (to sauté)  1/4 c rice (to cook)  16 oz meat sauce (store bought)  6 oz tomato juice  4 oz raisins  2 oz onion (diced)  1/4 tsp garlic (powder), ginger (pulverized), oregano (flakes)  2 oz honey (to drizzle)  5 oz pineapple juice  15 to 20 shrimp (peeled, veined medium)  1/6 doz slices French bread (toasted & buttered)  2 Tbls Olive oil 3 oz mozzarella sticks (to top) 

Prepare as follows:

  1. Steam: cabbage and separate leaves
  2. Sauté: meat, onions, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, rice
  3. Pour: liquids (pineapple and tomato juice into sauce); bring to boil; simmer till rice is tender
  4. Arrange: cabbage leaves (in pan); spoon meat and rice into each leaf; layer more leaves; layer more mixture. Pour meat sauce on top cover with foil – cook on 350 degrees for 20 minute. Arrange cheese and shrimp over mixture just before serving; heat to melt cheese.Serve with French bread slathered in butter.






2017 Midmonth April

2016 Mid-December

It seems as though this month is hastening to its finale’ but my household is not completely ready. This year has been a quick to move-right-along time span. The year also took no short breaks, in its movement forward. What’s to become of the months gone-by!?!


A peek at the membership in Tamarac Community Center, combined; however a few pages are out of numeric order – so do not print the booklet above.

In this mid month there is no crisis, which makes me pleased. There has been no major illness nor physical need to require any EMT-calls, by me. Wow this makes me feel even better than I do, as I write that my health although continues to be regularly “short of breath” with physical activity…somehow, that’s the only complaint.

I have honestly been blessed over the past 4 or 5 weeks.

  • Firstly, I had to dismantle my computer and install a new Hard Drive; followed by a new Operating system – downloaded by Staples. Now it seems to be okay except there are times when booting up give me a moment of anguish. Yes the F1 key must be pressed to start the main-screen up. Hmmm…very oddballish. I actually made a ‘startup/bootup disc’ precautionarily wise two weeks ago – to prevent such but whatever. This machine has me thinking more often than I care to … however, the purpose of my computer is to connect and to store memories. Yep, this machine serves that purpose 95%. The other 5% is to keep me thinking of how-to be in-charged of it and not the visa versa aspect.
  • Secondly the computer and I are becoming more acquainted daily, since I downloaded that Windows 10 OS. It is similar to what I have previously used, however – I think it is far too technically difficult. In a regular couple of hour-sessions 2 hours would solve all the needs, of uploading, scanning and sizing to save images, and sending / reading emails. Currently these tasks are more of a mission than acceptable. Blah…on new and improved technology.
  • Finally, as this month nears that New Year’s Eve exit my life springs into the delightfulness of what to do on New Year’s Day. Normally I make a brunch, serve it on the patio, of course capture the table’s appeal and my husband’s expression of satisfaction. It rarely changes…so maybe for 2017…a similar approach will occur. That one book or two to self-publish may be set aside for a couple of weeks into January 2017, as I am just not as gung-ho.

Well, now it is time to get shopping or my family will get only a huge hug, several kisses, and perhaps genuine apologies – for not being my usual and predictable self. Laugh out Loud on that statement.

May all your future days and nights be as pleasant and conducive to your heart’s desire…from: Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed

2016 Mid-December