2017 June 1st

Home finally and doing good. Able to walk with and without walker short distances. Made sandwiches for Bob and myself around 2:30pm. Slept on sofa till 5:45pm. Walked to lavatory with Bob assisting; he wheeled oxygen as I used the walker. All is ok – back to sofa for tv watching, supper, and whatever. 

Jennifer called a bit ago, waiting for Alex and maybe they’ll stop over. 

Renee and me spoke and texted earlier she’s ok. 

Bluetooth earpiece functions well, to call and/receive incoming communications. 

Dennis is still working. 

Russell and I texted. 

Leta I left message I think textvor call v

Enough for now as focus is hindered somewhat. 

Charles the cat and Caj the dog sre so happy I’m home; the two pets are sniffing snd staying nearby. 

Wheelchair still in truck of vehicle. Tote bag Requires emptying. 


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