2017 June 1st

Home finally and doing good. Able to walk with and without walker short distances. Made sandwiches for Bob and myself around 2:30pm. Slept on sofa till 5:45pm. Walked to lavatory with Bob assisting; he wheeled oxygen as I used the walker. All is ok – back to sofa for tv watching, supper, and whatever. 

Jennifer called a bit ago, waiting for Alex and maybe they’ll stop over. 

Renee and me spoke and texted earlier she’s ok. 

Bluetooth earpiece functions well, to call and/receive incoming communications. 

Dennis is still working. 

Russell and I texted. 

Leta I left message I think textvor call v

Enough for now as focus is hindered somewhat. 

Charles the cat and Caj the dog sre so happy I’m home; the two pets are sniffing snd staying nearby. 

Wheelchair still in truck of vehicle. Tote bag Requires emptying. 


2017 May 23rd

Had a horrendous day from 2:30am forward to 5:00am, followed by afternoon short of breath again. Inhalation therapy diminished physical stress partially. Relaxing g and getting assistance from Micki occupational therapist got me ready to exercise. Steve did physical therapy afterwards, before transporting me to my room. 

Dinner was good. Bob followed it with chocolate ice cream from home; yummy. 

 Nurses aide assisted in changing into night attire. Bathroom needs done and now ready for rest. Dancing With the Stars is on its finale. A win beer will be receiving the mirror ball

Night meds and watching NEWS before a good nights sleep – I anticipate no problem. I need to be positive that all will be ok. 

Good night yawl. Be healthy. Good night balloons deflating day after day. 


2017 Mid-May

A good sleep in heartland of Tamarac for myself was nice. Blood pressure refuses to decrease. Morning stuff completed. Breakfast should be here shortly. Occupational and physical therapy will follow m. In afternoon lab blood work. That’s it. 

Patient in the semi private room slipped out of her bed?!?  Unbelievable. There aren’t sufficient aides to be attentive when call get pressed. 

Yep Five to twelve minutes for assistance makes me upset. When I was young and worked in a medical facility we had to answer within three minutes. We all had ten or mire assigned patients. Things have changed tremendously. 

I’m hoping to be strong enough to get home within a couple of weeks.