2017 Midmonth April

Yep it is quickly flying by, the time that is. or myself it has been a slow but steady improved health-related physical escalation – in a good way. Unfortunately I am quite unhappy with this slowness; preferentially I want rapid to improve, rapidity to accomplish, and not slow downs in my daily-activity. Having COPD for 20 years (give or take a couple) there has never been a dull moment.

Frequently there have been 911 calls, for emergency transportation to the local hospital, in Tamarac FL. University Hospital / Medical Center seems to be the one place I have visited far too many times, since 1994 or 1995. Nonetheless this time-span has brought to the surface facts about medical personnel and the medical prescribed remedies for getting me (or others) back to a normal way of life. Dr Aguello seems to be the House-Doctor, sees patients regularly, and prescribes drugs to increase health as well as to diminish health – in my opinion. He has stated quite clearly over the past few years that I should not return to the University Hospital, upon signing my discharge papers. He states this with a smile on his face, and a hug but just the words make me believe it is a threatening fact – to which I must heed.

EMTs are the transporters and take me (or others) to the nearest emergency room; whether a choice is available or not is perplexing. Most times I cannot catch my breath to speak or to think of where to request.

  1. Am I a truly pain in the you know what?!?
  2. Does a doctor have the right to suggest a patient go to a different facility?!?
  3. Can a doctor be held accountable, in a patient safe-way, to maintain ethical standards – for all patients?!?

Several years ago I did suggest the EMTs or my husband transport me to Coral Springs Medical Center, which was a huge mistake. There I was treated in the emergency room to get breathing under control; typical lab work was done, oxygen was administered, and I was admitted to a room (I guess for observation). Hmmm…! The end result was that I was poorly treated by incompetent nurse, IV was dislodged and draining on my arm and my bed linen, correcting the problem took several hours – to which a new IV was inserted in my arm. Then, to top all the grossness off, a nurse in the middle of the sleep-time came in thinking I was sleeping; she made an attempt to inject something into the IV. When I moved my arm she quick left the room. I contacted my husband, but what could we have done. More so interesting and less healing was in that same hospital I was administered Penicillin even though I worn an allergy wrist band. Somehow I was there a day or two longer with much improve care, but I was ever so cautious.

This horrible incident brings to mind the memories of being a patient, in full need of trusting physicians and medical staffers – there is no guarantee that all personnel will be patient-correct in providing care. To make my mind more disturbed is the incident that occurred in University Hospital this year. Yes, January 2017 I was transported to University Hospital, to emergency room and admitted to a room. Because I have no physical that is affiliated with this hospital, even though I am a Tamarac FL resident, Dr Aguello was once again assigned me. His prescribed medication(s) kept me in a drugged-trance-like state for a week. I remember hearing individuals speaking, my daughter and sons communicating with my husband, and that although I wanted to reply – nothing would come out of my mouth. I could not speak nor think clearly; why was I in this drugged state of being?!?

Soon enough I was transferred to the Heartland of Tamarac Rehabilitation Center, whereby the staff did not administer any anxiety drugs, but did inforce (gently) physical activity. After two or three weeks I was ready to go home, and the rest is history…I am almost back to feeling health acceptability. A lengthy recovery brought things to mind that normally have been placed in the back of all thinking; mostly, remembering the medical incidents must be a priority that I (nor anybody else) forgets. Negative medical personnel makes for negative health-improvements.

Now, on a much more pleasant aspect, because my recovering from COPD and severe Bronchitis physically decreases the amounts of time I can walk, stand, and prepare meals – creating something delicious and less time consuming occurred. The newest recipe proved to be more than delicious; it has proved to be simple to prepare, to cook, and to serve. Here goes – Cabbage unRolled, as follows:

k-2017-Cabbage unRolled azt

Images of all ingredients are in the subdirectory Grandma’s Kitchen/Images, as follows:

1 medium cabbage (to steam)  1/2 lb ground beef (to sauté)  1/4 c rice (to cook)  16 oz meat sauce (store bought)  6 oz tomato juice  4 oz raisins  2 oz onion (diced)  1/4 tsp garlic (powder), ginger (pulverized), oregano (flakes)  2 oz honey (to drizzle)  5 oz pineapple juice  15 to 20 shrimp (peeled, veined medium)  1/6 doz slices French bread (toasted & buttered)  2 Tbls Olive oil 3 oz mozzarella sticks (to top) 

Prepare as follows:

  1. Steam: cabbage and separate leaves
  2. Sauté: meat, onions, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, rice
  3. Pour: liquids (pineapple and tomato juice into sauce); bring to boil; simmer till rice is tender
  4. Arrange: cabbage leaves (in pan); spoon meat and rice into each leaf; layer more leaves; layer more mixture. Pour meat sauce on top cover with foil – cook on 350 degrees for 20 minute. Arrange cheese and shrimp over mixture just before serving; heat to melt cheese.Serve with French bread slathered in butter.






2017 Midmonth April

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