18th of March 2017

Although I am still recovering from COPD and Bronchitis dinners by Bob are different and delicious we are doing good. 

Poached park chops last night was great. 

with onions, carrots, and peas plus macaroni and cheese with a puffy potato sure gratin side dish. Applesauce was a perfect balance. 

 I gave instruction and he did the cooking and serving. Woohoo Bob. So eventually I should be able to cook and do daily activities but now I blessed. Now for a saddening mention … 

…farewell Virginia Tucker Owens. You will be missed and remembered by your remaining siblings and all the cousins of four actually five generations. 

I am too confined with 24/7 oxygen and bedrest  for another week or so; this prevents my attendance to your funeral. Again Bryan, Leon, and William your sorrow is part of mine.  Be strong and don’t leave your father in the future, as he will need you each as you’ll need him – for inner peace. Hugs. 

Lana Reddock 


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