Almost mid month 

March 2017 finds me continually battling COPD and its counterpart Bronchitis, another few days or longer; Perhaps the future will improve but it thus far blocks mist daily activity. Walking minimally creates short of breath requiring a sit down and oxygen treatment elevation from 2L to 3L. Well tomorrow I gave another follow up appointmentcwith my doctor…hoping changes to medications may divert similar ill health. 

Blah and more blah on these past 8 weeks or longer. It’s been hell but I am feeling good about avoiding most stressful and debilitating moments. And panic still has not overtaken more than a few minutes, which is a huge plus. 

So if anybody thinks illness is a cop-out try COPD or any pulmonary/respiratory disease. It’s horrible. It’s painful. It’s disgusting to ponder when it will stop activity from keeping daily needs possible   

Yep … getting healthy will give me a smile long overdue. Till tomorrow I’ll remain on oxygen, medications, and monitoring vital signs for patterns displaying bad or good changes on a regime that’s necessary. Boohoo

Lana Reddock 


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