2017 March 1st

Soon a new month takes over and brings good things for me and others. COPD has latched on but slowly is decreasing in misery. My mind says I’ll be okay but my lungs still are hesitant at times. Everyday I do activities that often get taken for granted during well-times. So making coffee, preparing salad, or guiding Bob through the how-to of making dinner has been successful. Yep each day more and more, then the rest period to maintain stamina. I can’t wait till I can walk my dog half a street and take him to the dog park.

Patience is not one of my many traits. Being prepared is my way, to maintain a fairly steady flow at home. Soon enough I know all will be better. 

Bob needs s rest from doing so much. 

Dennis needs a rest from doing so much. 

Jennifer visits after work, which is exhausting. 

Russ Provides long distance encouragement and woohoo’s when I convey improvement. 

So I am blessed and they are stressed till I get mist of my strength back. 

My doctor should have insight to how much longer this healing will take till I’m okay. This morning I’ll get that input – I hope. 


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