2017 February 17

The COPD and Bronchitis attack January 21st kicked me something awful. Ten days in University Hospital in Tamarac FL, where I had to be in bed with oxygen 24/7. Atovan or something was administered frequently to sedate my anxiety, of extreme short of breath condition. On death bed it seemed to my husband Bob, he contacted my youngest son who flew in for 4 days. My oldest son was totally an emotional wreck. My daughter also found my condition’s downhill horrendous and together my children worried. 

Getting me out of the hospital was the only solution, however it took several days to locate and get insurance approval. I remember hearing them talking to me and amongst themselves. And I remember telling them I felt drugged and scared. I remember thinking when I heard “mom, Russell is flying in on Tuesday. He’s staying 4 days.” 

“I’m on my deathbed. I don’t want to die” I told them – Bob, Dennis, and Jennifer – but whether they knew I was aware of their worry or not they denied it.  So on Monday January 30, 2017 I was transported to Heartland of Tamarac; a rehabilitation and assistant living facility. 

Well from deathbed to daily workouts – physical and occupational – therapy brought my physiologic health back. The process is still continuing since coming home, on February 13, 2017. Although it seems impossible, my family and strangers praying; God must have rethought taking me. 

Now, February 17th, 2017, my biggest challenges are:

  • Breathe from with nasal cannula till pulmonary capacity is improved
  • Maintain a slow-paced daily activity level 
  • Divorce PANIC and ANXIETY, to prevent additional complications 

I am making progress at turtle speed but last night I finally went upstairs, for the first time since being home. Short of Breath with almost panic occurred till oxygen concentrator provided nasal cannula assistance. It took ten to fifteen minutes till I realized I made a giant step forward. And so the long overdue and much needed shower came with the long oxygen tubing, going in the shower with me. Phoo I feel so proud that I took a chance and now I can repeat last night many times over. 

Well everybody is up to date on my road fron death to the future….

Good night. Again, thank you all, for being solid in providing me a boost.

Lana T Reddock 


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