2017 Finally Home

It’s good to be home. Portable oxygen functions for almost two hours. Feeling good and nervous a bit. All will improve I am home and the aide comes this afternoon. Physical and occupational therapists continue exercises after evaluations of need. Home health aide evaluation tomorrow by registered nurse. 

Bob drove me home. Dennis drove the belongings and wheelchair. And he made me a cup of good coffee woohoo my son. Woohoo. 

Caj went bonkers happy. Barked before we opened door. He would not go for midday pee when Bob leashed him. The dog Caj just kept barking and whimpering to be close to me as I sit in wheelchair. 

Charles the cat is sniffing the wheelchair and my legs to get his bearings of who I am. I have been sick 4 weeks. He just got near for a petting. Now he’s on his ottoman near my wheelchair. 

Ten days in hospital then the rest of the time in Heartland of Tamarac for rehabilitation of physical and occupational therapies, to gain back physiological functionality. This is the worst ever COPD and Bronchitis has latched on to me for such s long time. 

Looking for a few years improved health with new portable oxygen and equipment. 

Thank you God for the improved pulmonary and physical uplifting. 

Thank you everybody in heartland of Tamarac for their gentle but firm guidance and exercises. You s “rock solid”. 

Signing off for today. I may not update on the 15th as there are appointments all this week. 

Lana Reddock, M. of Ed


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