2017 February first

In rehabitatuon center Heartland I think. Third day. PA checked heart beat. Heard wheezing. Short of Breath after ambulating to lavatory after breakfast. Relaxing to catch my breath. Later physical therapy to improve pulmonary action. Repeatedly coughing gunk mucous and phlegm helps 

I miss Caj and Charles my pets. 

Russ cane from Georgia that made me think I wouldn’t make it. He had be n a great help keeping me breathing properly. 

Dennis has been housekeeping and cooking when not working and visiting me. 

Bob is not alone thank goodness. 

Jennifer cones to visit after work bringing goodies woohoo

Blood pressure is much improved compared to past. 

Guess time wi tell if I get home in a couple of weeks. Thank you god for my breath no matter how slow currently. 

Lana T Reddock M. Ed


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