2017 Brunch

Day One of this new year began with the sun shining, a slight breeze, and a temperature outside of high 70 degrees – in Tamarac Florida. Caj the dog was enjoying the warmth, for this first day in our refreshed ‘new’ year; however, last night – New Year’s Eve 2016 – Caj would not go outside beyond the driveway, for his nightly stroll because of fireworks from surrounding locations making noise that scared or that bothered his ears. Fortunately, Caj does not do ‘his business’ in the house – no matter how many hours go-passed. Woohoo my dog…!

Now for the good stuff that Bob and Lana repeat annually – our traditional Brunch instead of the normal breakfast fixings. What a blessing to prepare a few days in advance, making plating and table setting on the patio quick and eye appealing. Following is the display of numerous images capturing the process of start-to-finish – of our midday breaking of bread (so to speak).

The mini-videos speak for individuality, beginning to end. There is a video with Bob speaking with me that I am searching, to add as well….  

Dennis was unable to enjoy our Brunch in this first day of 2017; therefore, upon return home f rom his work at Jiffy Lube in Fort Lauderdale, FL his prepared later Brunch-like meal is ready….     



2017 Brunch

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