2016 = 35th Anniversary

Bob & Lana getting married in 1981 Christmas Eve; Marion LeCreux (our maid of honor); Dennis my son; Joe Greely (our best man); Jennifer (my daughter); and officiating our marriage the honorable John A F. (notary public). b-1981-wedding-ceremony-a

For Robert (Bob) and Lana (me)…and Caj (dog) will share this day – as it is his 3rd year with us. Perhaps because Christmas Eve for many is filled with hustle and bustle doings, in last minute preparation for Santa Claus’s arrived, for the kiddies, we adults do not know of it. It for us has past with our children becoming adults and raising their children. So let me send a very, happy and healthy holiday to all readers.

It is unnecessary to mention much more, as we will put the turkey in the oven shortly, bake sweet potatoes for the marshmellowy grand side dish, and pop the lid on a bottle of Champagne that has been awaiting this day for many years.

At our age we don’t get drunk, we merely celebrate with a toasting of glasses, not only between ourselves but for the generations we have been part-of. So later our oldest son, only daughter, and possibly grandsons will visit. If they are hungry of course we shall all share a delicious pre-Christmastime Dinner, making this one heck of a year to be thankful for, after losing so many relatives and friends – that reached their resting place … in Heaven.

These are mourners in 1999; since a few of the Lopez family “RIP”


These are a few of our mourners, of which several have deceased since 2004’s photo.


Deceased Relatives in our hearts:

Alesi, Alan Jr 2005

Bailey/May, Francis C 1989; Briggs/Briganti, Michael N 1970s, Nicholas M 1986

Kimbley, Leonard 1970s, Doreen 2002, Barbara A 2010, Richard Jr 2014

Lopez, Miriam E  2000, Willie  2001, Jose I 2004, Richard 2013

Podluski, Paul  1962, Lawrence 1970s, Walter J  1970s

Reddock, Simon 1941, Rose 1975, Irving  1958, Richard D 2003

Saluda, Charles 2006, Lena 2005

Tucker, Anna Lally 1969, William A 1984, Pearl 1958, Ethel 2015, Dorothy 2010,

William 2002, Anne 2013, Thomas 2004, Richard 2003,

Walker, Alex  2007, Helen  2016

 As we each reflect in our hearts let us not forget those in Heaven, watching and guiding us, into the future – till we all ‘meet again….’ The deceased had brought forth their holidays with family and friends gathering; let me apologize, for not including all those that RIP.

I am not being morbid, nor attempting to inflict sadness; these memories are what have created lack in seasonal joy – for me and distant families. It is time to reflect but not reject a Happy Holiday.

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed






2016 = 35th Anniversary

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