Holiday decorating 2016 

Yep my son Dennis brought the holiday stuff out from the storage room under the  stairs. Now to sort and to place. Wow the four bins are filled to maximum. Cups, pit holders, towels, exterior lights and small decorations. Interior adornments are overly abundant as well. Where to begin?!?  Here goes – the heaviest bin first.

Finally one bin is almost emptied. There are stuffed and small to medium decorative.

The tubular wrapping paper covered items have pictures of previous years. I made the items from toilet paper and paper towel center-tubes. Not a rocket scientist project but beautiful to see.

Mini ornate things for garland gangibg or windoe displays.

Well there are store bought things and handmade things to bring the year’s end seasonal charm to this Reddock household in this 2016 finale.

By tomorrow the displaying begins. Or maybe today.

Holiday decorating 2016 

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