2016 Thanksgiving Day

Wow it is here tomorrow. I have been laxed about writing blog entries because of failed computer technology. For the past two weeks or so the Desktop required a physical replacement to its Hard Drive (HD). I am not a manual labor type of person; factually, I am petrified of anything electrically in need of repair. Hmm…however, my youngest son Russ walked me through the proper and safe procedure, to remove and to replace that HD.

Unfortunately it required a new Operating System (OS) which was installed at Staples in Lauderhill FL. The people there were very nice, Keith is the technology person. He had everything completed after a diagnostic. I can’t for the life of me remember the lady’s name that first assisted me, but she and I spoke on the telephone yesterday – as Keith inquired about the computer’s usage. She was pleased that all is basically perfect. Only the DVD doorway has a problem, which is okay because my USB DVD player functions great. All my programs have been installed, updates have been completed, and the 1-TB HD should be ample till the end of 2017. Owning a USB 2-TB storage device will take care of the additional files, if necessary.

The one concern is whether to leave files on the new HD or maintain the previous system of 2-TB as main storage. Decisions are less than what I want at my age…nearing 70.

Well, that’s it from me for now. Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate this holiday, including the president-elect Trump family. May this be the beginning of a future to remember.

Lana T Reddock, M of Ed


2016 Thanksgiving Day

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