45th President-elect (Trump)

I hope you do not injure our young Americans, struggling with minimum wage and high health insurance fees. Let’s stop the bad mouthing talk and get started with “yes” to improving great efforts by our President Obama. Let’s use the ‘republican‘ lead in our congress and our senate to devote respect and economic wins to those in need.

Yes, I have been blessed with a medical retirement, and affordable health care through Medicare. I need little help. There are however numerous high percentiles of single income families, lacking in governmental support. Talk is cheap but actions speak louder than words (I believe you must have heard that phrase by others). You think it’s going to be simple, by dictating to your cabinet members. I wish to enlighten you – little minds give less than required to improve voters and non-voters alike. America is a great nation that should be guided by its leadership not negatively influenced.

Can you perform in a professionally and a safely regimented aspect, for all of the American population?!? If you can’t – step down before you damage our future leaders, in the making; in addition, I wish you well as a want-to-be … however, as a Republican that disapproves of your personal voiced opinions, I am doubtful you will be what we all need.Can you “make me proud…?!?”

And Hillary Clinton, I am sorry you have not been selected by the majority of people. I wish you well and that you and your family, including your future leaders (the grandchildren) make life stupendously glorious for you.

There are times when I wished politics was something to dabble in, however it is not my cup of tea. I follow elections, campaign promises, and final win – lose results. It is my opinion to believe our country’s leadership has always been persevered by a group of elected and appointed men and women; therefore, my heart is in the country’s vast uphill path – not its decline.

Signing off after making my opinion publicly know.

[Podluski] Lana T  Reddock, M of Ed.

P.S.: Mr. Trump – heed the writing on the wall, from youngsters that are physically not perfect but making strides to live, in a safe and a wonderful nation. Bite you tongue of fat, ugly, slobby females … and think about their path to living “within” themselves. You have to improve your people communication skills, you have to let your team of staff and cabinet members get your goals with words [that] do not damage others – in sarcastic ways. A true leader promotes the followers, remembering they are the employers….

Our FLAG flies high because we believe…in our United States of America



45th President-elect (Trump)

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