Good bye Halloween…but hurry up…Thanksgiving. I can’t wait for that huge turkey and all its fixing’s dinner. My daughter does the whole nine yards annually; she kicks ass. She serves not only a big bird; in additional, ham, lasagna, potato salad, vegetables, of course pies – usually made by Anthony her son. Me and Bob just go to eat and get big hugs, kisses, and to make sure that nothing is missing; giving her part of the materials to cook up makes me feel so good. I hate to take home leftovers, it is less for her household. She always insists, makes several plates to go, and that’s it. Hmm…she is one of a kind!!!

Now for the typical starting point in this month

  • .booklet for Battle of the Sexes (Trivia) members was printed yesterday
    • it will be attached, in *.pdf file, to download and print
    • the members that I see will receive a free hard-copy from me in December.
  • .a handful of kiddoes knocked, for trick or treats; I’m disappointed
    • furthermore, now I am going to have to eat whatever is left
    • I might share with Bob (my husband), Dennis (my son), aah?!?
  • Charles (the cat) and Caj (the dog) are getting bigger and more playful
    • both enjoy waking the other up, for a few rounds of licking and sniffing
    • early morning treats are the favorite day’s choice – for both pets
  • Bob’s eye procedure by Dr. Loh went perfectly
    • she removed a cataract and implanted something to aid vision
    • the worse aspect of this was those eye drops, at vary intervals
    • and, keeping Bob from bending, lifting, and walking the dog
  • C.O.P.D. and me are in sync I believe, as the newest inhaler extends respiration’s

That’s is about it for updating personal information, at this time. Putting away the decorations on the exterior area of my house will occur tomorrow most likely. There is minimal stuff.

Gathering December’s decorations from the storage area follows. Putting up lights to brighten the lawn and maybe backyard is a must. Glittery artificial trees will adorn bedroom windows upstairs. Garland might hold small ornaments, on the wrought iron gate. And, who knows for sure what else I have stored away…there is only 4 large bins. As for gift giving, that’s down pat, everybody will receive something on an individual basis.

This is going to be one of the least expensive year’s-end gift giving, as everything else has increased with my budget staying the same. Maybe next year (2017) my mind, my heart, and my wallet will be synchronized … to make for a no-struggle ‘gift-giving event’ at Christmas / Channukah.


You know the to-do…just left click and display the booklet. It amazes me that I have been able to maintain annual revisions, updates, and printouts ….

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed


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