2016 October Mid-month

Hurricane Matthew passed us with only a few hours of heavy rain and wind. There were damages throughout the state of Florida further north. Georgia and North Carolina were not as fortunate. And of course … Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas and any other islands were hit severely. Shame on this type of weather.

Health-wise it seems I am okay for a good while. The pulmonary specialist provided 2 inhalers, for an additional treatment daily; in addition, this must be administered with the other inhaler … for morning and for nighttime. Hmm…! It is getting to be a tedious chore to keep healthy. As the primary physician suggested an additional supplement, over the counter drug; Magnesium and also Calcium, plus a cholesterol maintaining prescription. I think this is over the top ignorance. Perhaps I should laugh at loud to myself about my health…and its deviousness that cannot stop me just yet.

My pulmonary specialist suggests that I push myself more. Perhaps he has no clue that I do all the grocery shopping, preparing meals and serving my husband, my son, myself and the pets; perhaps he did not ask “what do you do?” That might be why he is thinking I do very little. There are other things I do … not everyday … but, regularly. I do 2 and 3 loads of laundry twice a month, in addition I keep track of budgetary expenditures in a spreadsheet … since years ago. I clean my house weekly, as well as have YaYa come in nearly twice a month – for the more heavy cleaning. Then there’s changing linens, folding cleaned clothing and putting things away, dusting manually as well as using a Dust Robot. So if that’s not enough I maintain economic frugality as much as possible, request refunds and/or rebates as due. Managing a household is not merely shopping, cooking, cleaning, and caring for pets. Managing a household takes time to organize how-to prevent accidents, breakage, and a whole bunch more; maybe I should mention to the doctor that I am not just a lazy-ass sit-around patient.

Somewhere in between household management a few hours weekly are contributed to volunteer services, in my community. Annually I am awarded a certificate, a letter from the president, and a medal for the total hours. Hmm…I am a very busy unemployed individual. I even have to admit that I am working on three more books…soon to be self-published.

Easter/Passover, Halloween and Christmas/Channukah I prepare goodies and post in blog and social media. Decorating also is part of my responsibility; however, my son that lives home with Bob and me does help with hanging scariness – for trick or treaters, outside. Yep I do so much more that it would take more than the already self-published books (17 so far) to convey what I do. Woohoo to myself as I truly deserve it….

I am not angry by his inference that I should push myself more … I am querying his motive.

Charles the cat has been videoed playing with mini-blueberry muffins, and actually enjoying a small piece; I posted both videos on Facebook…and have received several likes.

Caj the dog has been also actively playful with the cat; in addition to local neighbors’ dogs…. It’s is amazing that animals can play, sniff, and obey commands of the owners…I am so impressed.

Next month I shall print the first booklet, of Trivia (Battle of the Sexes) participants. There are numerous periodically attending members, regular members, and there are several long-time members…all of which are very good participants. Once I proofread the booklet, edit as necessary, and approve the color-images … this booklet will be printed (at home). Assembling the booklet is simple enough; this process requires the individuals that receive a copy to fold in half, for perfectly numbered book-like pages.

And yep Christmas / Channukah brings gift givings. There are a few gifts that I am going to order with personalized images, for immediate family. As a special gift to both the cat and the dog, gifts also will be ordered. It was 2013 when I adopted Caj (the dog). It was 2014 when I adopted Charles (the cat), for my son DCM, so why not give the pets their very own personalized gifts. Both animals are part of our family, bringing so much happiness even though responsibility is also necessary.

My Bob is having an eye procedure next week, which makes me a little nervous, for him. It is going to improve his vision. According to a few of the participants in Trivia – that have had it – not to worry.

Our youngest grandson is not so little anymore; he is 15 in a couple of days. Where the time flew from and to makes me ponder how soon he’ll be graduating high school, heading to college, and probably involved in a happily ever after relationship?!? Wow … a good student, a good to great football player, and a very delightful dude that makes we that know him happy. My daughter (his mother) knows he can do anything when he puts his mind to it, and that his bigger brothers are guiding him into the future – something often not found in this day and age.

The only granddaughter is getting older as well; she is in middle school. Her grades are good, her attitude is good but she does have a mind of her own. She displays wonderment, about education and she and her family enjoy moments together … daily. This family is one to be commended for their outstandingness.

At times I wish I owned a huge house, for all of us to reside, so that there would be more time to observe the growth and development … making my heart filled with peacefulness. I am blessed even though C.O.P.D. has a tight grip on my lungs. Woohoo…me!!!

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed

2016 October Mid-month

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