2016 Hurricane Matthew

Approaching South Florida but most of my neighbors are prepared. My household is ready for at least a week’s survival, should the electric power go off; however, cable power was a problem when Wilma and Katrina hit back in 2004 or 2005. Either way I think we’re good to get through this.

My pets are anxious but will do okay. They have pee pads at front and back doors…if I cannot get outside for a few hours.

Everything is going to be a mess tomorrow. Hopefully there will not be as much devastation as previous hurricanes. This one has more powerful winds and heavy rains that just could kick our asses; keep the faith, to stay in the logical frame of mind – for personal safety.

Good Luck from the Reddocks in Florida

By the way – make sure that your opinion and lifestyle counts – vote for the best candidate. Anybody that does not vote prevents our country the best leadership. Vote whether as an absentee (send in) vote, or at any of the voting locations. It’s imperative to do for our country if we want it to be prepared to keep us safe, from foreign and domestic terrorism. Thanks a whole bunch….

2016 Hurricane Matthew

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