2016 October

Woohoo … it’s that time of the year when the air gets chillier than expected in Florida. I am so pleased. This makes preparing for the ‘trick or treaters’ less stressed. The exterior will only be the typical decorations

  • an old table with new tablecloth
  • previously displayed ornaments
  • various prepacked stickers and candies
  • and that ever so silly caped and masked dangler

It will be a fun time for my family and hopefully numerous neighbors children (and parents).

This final quarter of the 2016 year began with DVD-r saving of folders with hundreds of thousands files. Subjects and Topics as follows:

  • Animals (images, audios, videos, and data)
  • Building (household referentials)
  • Decorative (career oriented files)
  • Education (college studies)
  • Essays (various folders and files)
  • Friends Relatives (individualized subdirectories)
  • Grandma’s Kitchen (book worthy file-collectives)
  • Grandpa’s Journey (locations Bob & Lana visited)
  • Holidays (January to December files)
  • Keeping (research, emails, etc.)
  • Medical (places and health-related files)
  • Religious (images & videos)

Finally, after years – actually decades – of collecting and organizing audios,  images, videos, etc. every duplicated file has been pretty much been deleted permanently; the purpose of double and triple files was to prevent ‘hackers’ from overwriting and/or ruining all the hard work that I have put into this collectively set of reference – on both personal computer and the external drive. As the year ends the files can be filed away, to access information minus time wasting searches. All files up till the end of this year (2016) are going to be added directly into the new folder … 2017.

There are a couple (a few) of books in the waiting, to be self published; that is yet to be completed … from the collection of files finally organized to easily access data.

Most files bring memories, making personal value the only asset. The pets, gardening, and household folders mostly have been abundantly filled; therefore, itemizing to access anything is just a year, surname, given name, and event or alpha-numeric click away. A task well done from my observation….

Shortness of Breath has been elevated, however under control with a rescue inhaler. The C.O.P.D. condition seems to be about the same as its been, for several years. And I anticipate a holiday season with minimal discomforts. from preparing interior / exterior decorations, etc.

Have a great month filled with silliness and laughter more than any other year.

Lana T Reddock M. of Ed


2016 October

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