2016 Mid-September

Finally the roof is nearing its finale’ – of being rebuilt in front and middle sections. The raining we have endured for several weeks just created chaos. The ceilings in both front windows leaked, creating a few miserable towel squeezing days and nights. This problem will – hopefully – become a memory, as the materials that replaced water-logged roof into ceiling has a double-like coating. One regular rebuilding aspect, followed with a pressure cleaning, and finally the silicone of entire roof’s sealing layer. This is pretty much going to be a future blessing – even though expensive.

Jennifer enjoyed her 44th birthday with friends, at dinner and afterwards celebrating in an arcade lounge. Wow its weird knowing my once baby girl has become such a wonderful, trustworthy, and beautiful individual. There are times when I look at her photographs from way back when and find myself amazed in the lifelong journey she has made. One day in the next few years my daughter will experience grandmother-hood. Then, just perhaps, she will understand that importance of being alive and filled with hopefulness of many tomorrows. For now, she is still a mom to her youngest son, which makes her pleased by his excellence in educational and sports activities. Woohoo – you go girl!!!

Your life thus far in pictures

My son Dennis is still contributing hours of working time to clients, repairing their vehicles after his typical work day. Here at home he makes living in the aging years less stressful – for Bob and Lana. There’s not much more to want in life, as we grow into even more senior-wise. There is only a best wishes for his future to be as healthy as can be.

Both pets – Charles the cat and Caj the dog – have brought-forth years of comfort on dreary days. Each animal displays its personal “I love you” with meows and/or long stares. The appreciation both shows makes our once pet-free home full of warmth.

So as this month heads to its final 2 weeks, so does that month of chilling and fun filled treat or treaters’ momentum. I may even do the typical sitting outside with a bowl of candies, candles lit, and that costume hanging…to attract neighborhood youngsters. For the past few years I have made Halloween a caring time, displaying and giving my time, to children and their parents.

h-2014-Halloween zaa
Past Table-setting

The new setting will be unique…with additional…scary but delicious items.

Well that’s it for now. Next month the 4th quarter brings so much to share.

Lana Reddock

2016 Mid-September

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