2016 First of September

Are you kidding me?!? This once ‘new year’ is heading for the final quarter soon!?!

I just can’t figure how quickly time goes forward, people go backwards, and any given ‘today’ becomes yesterday as well as tomorrow … with only a mark on a calendar. How absolutely stunning to be part of a unique but worldwide occurrence, day after day, month after month, and year after year repeatedly. Yes, decade after decade continues this evolving – perhaps revolving – fascination of timeliness. We are all part of something and yet, for unknown or unacceptable reasons, many individuals fear for their personal safety as  as any given time a murderous event takes place; individuals are slaughtered by mean and rotten and angry strangers or perhaps enemies of whenever.

Mother Nature (sorry for this statement) somehow has become an opening door to population decreases, as earthquakes, fires, storms, and unpredictable ‘pot-holes’ destroy neighborhoods. And more so upsetting is the devastation does not stop with a condition fore-mentioned; their is that horrible and the unbelievable after effects. Digging through rubble for survivors, clearing away debris for survivors to attempt rebuilding, drying off towns’s streets. Making safe locations that had been taken for granted by communities, leaderships, and politicians … more interested in vacationing instead of reproducing safe living conditions.


our flag stands tall through all weather…why can we all do that

I understand that not all devastation is the work on lazy individuals; however, there is much to be noted regarding that which has been built (years and years ago). There seems to be no scheduled structure safety verification or validation that a property, bridge, dam, underground sewage, and other utilities, etc … has need for repair. Building is a great improvement to maintain comfort, yet that once comforting-construction is complete and goes without prevention-maintenance, leaving decades of use to encapsulate its taxpayers – what is done?

As a medically and age retired individual, do I have the authority to make statements of question without a formal way to change things…??? Absolutely not I believe. Therefore, I am anticipating somebody with far more knowledge and gateway leverage into the safety of “us” Americans … PLEASE finds the time to get back on the right track – regarding “we the people of these United States…

Let’s cut the “talking crap” of candidates about one another. Let us begin to revamp and to require commissioned and non commissioned individuals  -in no matter how small or large – a village, town, city, borough, or state – to make hazardous sightings known to public services. This could be the Public Works department, or Utilities department, as well as any other AGENCY which is under the payroll of “We the people…that provide TAXES” for them to sit by and let us as a country fall short of physical and necessary safety, on a daily basis…not only for the times when political beings approach to get a vote, so they can sit in a building that is paid for by taxpayers…from way back when till the end of time.

Yes, I expect having written this blog, today will create a bit of questions by politicians; therefore, in advance I apologize to those that have been lobbying for safety of communities, and being either ignored, postponed, and rejected. I apologize for the arrogance of our Senate for disrespecting our president’s opinion(s) – not only Barach Obama, whom I believe has made a huge improvement to the world but other worthy people-minded presidents – because the senators may have the required #of vote to get them elected … but “we the people…” are the voters that put them in the position.

So there, I have stated what bothers me, not only today but for many decades; I have been a registered voter since the 1960s and the candidates continue to behave as kindergarten spoiled tykes rather than maturely educated beings. How then can our country continue to develop into a safety zone for its people when the leadership falls flat on its face with words or ridicule, speeches without dignity, and political affirmations that will rarely be upheld – if and when a candidate is sworn into the office of president?!?

What made me so disgusted with this campaign, is it follows many others where getting together as a whole stops once the camera turns on, the photographer and news reporters ask questions, and the periodicals slam dunk – one of the political committees to elect whichever party. How can we as a nation continue to pursue LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS when we cannot find respectfulness towards one another???

In case anybody finds my name on the registered voter’s list or cannot, it is because I vote under my maiden name; as a private investigator, my privacy required covert responsibility … back in the early change of centuries (20th to 21st). No I have nothing to hide except my unwanted – by others’ – opinions….

Signing off as myself Lana T Podluski, a registered Republic that votes according to gut beliefs. So this is the most wordy expressive statement I have even written; and most likely the last on political crapola and ridiculous name callings by candidates.

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed






2016 First of September

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