2016 Mid-August

Already this month is at its halfway point; there is minimal to post. There is time to relax and catch up with ‘in the line of preparing’ phase of the book Holiday Collectives. This book may be an unnecessary but interesting written piece of work. It is being edited to include the main goals, of its existence:

  1. Why ‘collective’ make a difference in one’s life
  2. How to ‘organize’ to assess attachment to activities
  3. Who shared ‘memories’ of similar deep rotten events
  4. When ‘occasional’ reflection gets a boost
  5. Where the ‘momentum’ stated a fact of being
  6. What ‘relativity’ to friends and relatives can be successfully adjoined

Upon completion of the few steps above (5-W’s and a How), the book will be *.pdf uploaded, for self-publishing. There may be other collectively off-the-wall individuals with similar criteria, needing to be reinforced, about their specialization; yes, furthermore, they are not alone in a world of doom. Maintaining files, filled with images, audios, and videos can become the valued treasure – not only for the collector but the individuals partaking … back then.

So for now that is it from Lana Reddock.

Enjoy the rest of this month and be successful, in anything, no matter how minute’ of gigungous … life is good only when we open our hearts to ourselves first. Others follow and become part of something unique and sincere that way….

2016 Mid-August

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