2016 August 1st

My oh my how the time is flying by. Halfway through this year and so much more to do with less than 5 months, for completion. Hmm…!

A community center friend fractured her hip 2 weeks ago (come this Thursday). She is in Health South, doing physical therapy three times a day, and hopes the healing process does not hinder her mobility too much. Anyway, she is permitting the team of caregivers to help her overcome this debilitation. Feel better Connie….


My husband Bob is doing great, making physical fitness his routine – every other day – keep him active. His older sneakers were so very heavy, bulky, and just appeared over the top … finally has come to the end of the road; well, only during his exercise time. For exercising Bob now wears a less heavy sneaker that seems to have him pushing forward, at a more tolerable speed. His says the ‘instructor’ is very diverse, from session to session; therefore, exercising for him and many other senior citizens have turned back the clock. Yep – there is music from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s that make it pleasant. Stretching, bending, and jumping in place wakes up once thought-of ‘old-bodies’ into rejuvenated hunks.

Woohoo – you guys and gals are kicking butt….

As for myself, summertime is hell; therefore, maintaining contact with my pulmonary specialist’s office is a must, for medication(s) to keep me breathing better, on a daily basis. As for exercising, this is a need to do but at minimized time-spans, to prevent C.O.P.D. from knocking my socks off – so to speak. So the treadmill for under 10 minutes gets my circulatory system up to par, the breathing inhalation therapy keeps my lungs functioning…with the assistance of prescriptions. Woohoo to me for being a go-on person rather than a lay back and die woman.

That book about my sister is remarkably sincere, filled with numerous images that keep her memory close to my heart; furthermore, this book simplifies that cancerous condition, which attacks unsuspecting young women and men. I can’t begin to do more than empathize with anybody suffering with any cancer. It makes me angry knowing cancer is stronger than all of us. It makes me angry there has been no finale’ to the illness, which deprives others of loved-ones yearning to have permanence in friends and family circles….

Here is the front and back cover pages, of Living to Die, about Barbara Ann Podluski-Kimbley Sr….
u-2016-L-D back coveru-2016-L-D front cover







2016 August 1st

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