2016 it’s Already July

Yep this year is halfway finished. Monday is the Independence Day celebration at just about every home, park, and community. Only 6 months till the next Christmas and Chanukah. Where did the time go?!?

For myself this time was filled with editing a couple of books. One in particular is about ready to be published. The other, it requires additional time – proofreading and editing, for as perfect as possible…for me.

Bob is doing good. Dennis is doing good. Jennifer is doing good. And Alex is about ready to being his Junior Football Coaching. Russ & his family are doing good…so my heart is finally at peace.

Even Charles the cat and Caj the dog are doing good. Wow – maybe this will be a stupendous year, as it speeds passed.

We all are prepared as much as possible for any negative and nasty weather, which normally has summertime and early fall ruined, by Hurricanes and Storms. So let us each be safe. Let us each be in good health. And, mostly, let the rest of the world’s assholes stop destroying others, and themselves.

Lana Reddock, M. of Ed

2016 it’s Already July

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