Error Corrected

to a couple of pages, in a menu, for a website-like display.

Finally I was able to get everything removed, which was unnecessary. So this ‘blog’ shall continue for another few years…as primary…communicating whatever is on my mind to share.

As for selling my ‘inventory items’ from my former company, there seems little chance. However, from time to time displays of available items will be incorporated, for viewers to query. The viewers can also contact 1-954-324-9896 to request an order. Prices will remain the same….

All prices are varied depending upon the size and the pattern, from:

$5.00 to $125.00 (Included in the pricing: hanging holiday booties, snugglers – bed coverings, and impractical but different 5, and 6 pointed medium sized throws.

Well enough for now. It is time to reload images and stop blabbering….

Lana T Reddock, M.of Ed

Error Corrected

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