2016 mid-month June

As much effort and time I applied to beginning a website, from this blog, failure was the reward. Primarily, I did not grasp the fundamentals of linking/mapping pages. Secondly, the blog and the website appeared to have been linked to each page instead of various pages. The end result yesterday afternoon, after chatting live with Eduardo who was a gem … in his effort to get things straightened out … he agreed and provided a link for me to ‘cancel’ the website. A refund should be arriving next week, which I may eventually try again.

Charles the cat has been crying today for no apparent reason; perhaps he is just having growing pains. He may also be upset that he does not go in the backyard because I am concerned with his chasing birds, squirrels, and whatevers.

Caj is happy with is new medium size ‘red ball’ and a video will be included in this blog. He surprises me with his ambition to rip it to shreds. His teeth are quite large and can pierce through it, however just not yet. But within a few day I am certain the dog will be the winner. Each other ball has challenged him, all to which he deflated, over a few days.

I hope this displays on Twitter, Facebook, and Lana’s Space

Bob awaits his ultrasound examination from last week this week; we are hoping it is cyst free. He has been also attending classes in the senior citizens silver sneakers club, through medicare. It is exhausting but he is adjusting by taking it slowly and not doing as many revolutions of exercises as the other members. I had him bring a bottle of water today to keep from dehydrating.

Lana Reddock (me) is doing okay. Not too much problems health-wise; of course short of breath comes with a walking of Caj, minimal housekeeping chores, and at times just for no reason at all. The heat of the Florida weather makes me require many hours of sitting with oxygen, repeated at least twice daily the use of nebulizer, and then coughing up phlegm and mucous. Yuckee but its part of the C.O.P.D. regimen, for me and many others ….

Our (Bob & Lana) grandson Alex is graduating Middle School; he makes us so very proud. His next step into grow and development educationally is the local High School. And in his spare time Alex will be a Junior Coach of a football team’s group. This is one hell of a youngster….

Our (Bob & Lana) Danica also graduated Elementary School; she is making fine progress, and heading to Middle School, for the next level of education. She and her mom took a mini vacation to visit cousins last week, making time to catch up with the beauty of being youthful…healthy…and filled with great memories to share.


2016 mid-month June

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