2016 Almost June-midmonth

and I am considering starting a ‘website’ from or with this Blog. It seems there is much to be gained, once displays of items for sale or that are personal collectives upon viewers’ comments. July 1st, 2016 should be appropriate to begin a site, anticipating business at home on the internet…to have individuals purchase or order gift items handmade, which have not sold through Hooked On Yarn Inc.

Should the inventory decrease through the website’s use, the economic loss will decrease. My goal to present and sell attractive and colorful crocheted things – to anybody. A large collection of the inventory will be displayed, readily available in time to Christmastime. Woohoo…!

This image below is a few holiday ‘booty-things’ to fill with small trinkets and hang on a tree or mantelpiece.

u-2003-06-Booty Mix z-z

Open ‘vee’ patterns, extender-stitch patterns, and closed patterns are available. Colors vary, as does sites; mostly available are: small, medium, and large. How to book is also available, can be ordered online. See image below:

04 2005-Decorative Crochet

Decorative Crochet Design by Lana Reddock

Well that’s it for now from Lana Reddock


2016 Almost June-midmonth

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