2016 Hurricane Season

in Florida began early this year; in the Caribbean there were 2 potential storm threats. Each petered out in the Atlantic, leaving Florida’s southeastern coastline in-tact. What will be is yet to surface, in the following five or six months. And the probability of a nasty hurricane is high, as 2004 was the last major hurricane, doing more damages to multiple areas than before.

Keeping my fingers-crossed (sought of) my household is semi-prepared. A supply of charcoal, lighter fluid, and an old barbecue grill awaits. Testing the cooking last week proved that I haven’t anything to worry about – my skill is not masterful yet ample.

My grandson Alex lost his Nana, towards the end of last week; she was 91 years old. Her family is having a beautiful and bountiful service in a day or two. Family, friends, and neighbors will attend, making her one of the upper most residents in the area. Living in Virginia does not permit regular visits, from we in Florida; therefore, Alex and his dad Eric will fly there…to have a final moment with her. We all wish each in mourning the most blessed day, for the funeral and safe traveling to and from.

The Walker family 2007
The Walker family 2007

There’s nothing much I can add except that I believe Alex’s Nana will ascend into Heaven to join her deceased husband, of a few years back. He made their town into a place conducive for adults, children, and visitors to work and to play safely. His baseball field will stand in memory, for youngsters to admire, before and after they part take in any games. The Nana will be looking down upon the visitors as well with kindness, to provide something of value – rarely understood. Rest In Peace

Caj met the two beautiful and large dogs that live on the diagonal corner. Each is very well behaved, adhere to owners commands, and enjoy the same silliness as my dog. Yep, the two charged out onto the median and my dog was so happy to have four-legged buddies. Woohoo…!!!

Charles just remains a house cat; as the possibility of him chasing a bird or a squirrel up a tree makes me leery. He on a rare occasion ventures out the patio doors, sniffs about on the patio but does not get on the grassy yard. Somehow the dog puts a stop to it…as well as I stating, “get in the house.” Yep the cat knows commands, as well as obeys.

I’m a happy pet owner knowing the animals are not getting injured or roaming far from home.

Bob once again has been concerned with his renal system’s activity. It was all improved in 2013 only to find, similar symptoms of that past surfaced. Testing can bring light onto the subject; he and I anticipate a non-threatening occurrence. Sometimes the human body just gives us a warning – to be more careful in diet and in activity.

Lana me, I too had a similar renal system wake up call but it turned out to be a no problem; it was just a couple of days weirdness. Then again, I guess weirdness for me is something I should expect in my aging years. {ha-ha}

Well this month begin the semi-annual point in 2016. Wow time flew passed so quickly that it makes me think about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Chanukah to-doings. Whatever – right!?! I don’t know if I am ready to shop yet but I’ll be viewing advertisements, to get the best deals.

Have a safe and wonderful future…from our house to yours….

Lana T Reddock, M. Ed

2016 Hurricane Season

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