2016 – 15th of May

Bringing Florida’s hot summery days, cool mornings and nights, and thoughts of potential bad weather June through October.

Health for Lana has not taken a setback, which makes me happy.

Nothing else to make memo of except that Charles the cat turned 2 years old last week. He is growing nicely and has a delightful personality.

Caj the dog is 3 years old, as of Friday, has become a wonderful family pet. His beast-like characteristics have become manageable and acceptable behavior, through many training sessions. His respond to verbal commands, and a few hand signals is good also.

That’s it from here…and a final mention of Bob, the most important in our family – he is doing nicely as a retiree. His days are filled with sharing pet walks, watching old-time movies, and making the library his weekly journey. Health for Bob is so much better than mine, it is a blessing….

Lana Reddock

2016 – 15th of May

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