Mother’s Day 2016

…is a bright and sunny day in South Florida, for all the moms. It feels as though there will never be any rainy days – of sorrow or silence. And as I enjoy the day it will be encapsulated with the yesterday’s surprises.

  • A delivery of Chocolate Covered Strawberries, delicious
  • A visit from Alex, my youngest grandson and his pal
  • A visit from Jennifer, my only daughter and her frined
  • …and this morning Dennis greeted me with a ‘card’ and freshly brewed coffee,after walking Caj the dog….

What else could anybody hope for, on a day just for them self!?!

Well now I’m off to the volunteer job in the Caporella Aquatic ‘Wellness Center” for a couple of hours; this is my  usual weekend to-do. It gets me out of the house, into the world of many others, and my contribution of a couple of hours adds up to a few less rushed lunches and breaks – for the employees….

Best wishes from Lana T Reddock, finally feeling well again.

Mother’s Day 2016

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