May 2016

Beginning this month after three months of being sick with one thing or another,  somehow brings concern, minus too much worry – as I feel almost back to pre-illness health.

Walking Caj the dog makes for exercise, repeating his training sessions in the backyard covers mental-ability, and he is approaching his 3rd year of dog-hood. An amazing dog that keeps my household running smoothly.

Charles the cat is independent, more or less, only wanting to be rubbed on his head in the kitchen – at the counter-top when I place snacks or food for him. Another good pet.

Bob is doing well and has enjoyed several birthday dinners, for this 85th year of his lifetime. There should be numerous additional celebrations, visits to out of state relatives, and a different but physically rewarding agenda. I had Bob sign up for a week’s trial in the Caporella Aquatic Center’s Wellness fitness Center. This will increase his daytime activity, decrease unwanted excess inches through mild exercising, and there are several individuals in his age-bracket that he can mingle with as well. So looking forward to this future, in a much limited stressful way…both, Bob and Lana….

As Russ and Leta visited over the Passover Holiday, just to make sure my health was not deteriorating – as recovering from Bronchitis-C.O.P.D. and high blood pressure just through me out of whack… I made a Seder.

The images display the modern-day menu that I ‘googled’ to define a family meal of goodies, traditions, and tastiness. As follows: Table setting and Seder Dish



Not perfect but it took a week to shop, prepare, and to enjoy with our out of town visitors as well as Jennifer, who lives nearby; Dennis also came to dinner, after his workday. It was a success even though I struggled to complete it…during the recovering period….

No more big to-dos until the next decade by me.


May 2016

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