Midmonth April

Well this has been another month with doctor visits, medication changes, and a struggle to regain physical ambulation. January, February, and March brought about the worse weeks…filling illness after illness into most of the days. Since returning home from a week’s stay in the hospital, on April 1st, 2016 it appears strength is returning. Now for the most necessary of all, lung capacity to inhale and to exhale without chest discomfort; yep, this seems to be under control or at its finale.

So for the past 3 days I have walked Caj (the dog) in the morning time, his typical one street down and around with a returning walk around the cul de sac, to give Dennis and Bob there free-time. During the day I also walk him, however not too far, merely around the cul de sac, for a couple of pees. That first morning longer walk does the morning poop and several pees with numerous sniffs…of most of the trees and the hedges along the way.

As the day progresses I know too much pushing myself forward could develop a setback, so yes Bob does a midday long walk with Caj. They get on nicely, and both enjoy just going and romping about. For that late night walk I take the cul de sac route, mostly. There are times when Dennis takes Caj on a super long walk, yielding a very tired and well relieved dog. So…should this continue to increase health wise I will make it another decade or so.

1980 to 2016 collection of Bob & family

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My Bob will be celebrating his 85th birthday, probably most of this month; yesterday after the doctor’s appointment (for me) – he and I ate lunch in Denny’s in Tamarac FL. We ate the morning foods, and his was free…not bad for a birthday gift…from strangers no less….

Other details and celebrations will be posted with images, just for the hell of it. My Bob and I tend to be finally on the same ‘page’ about realizing with any luck at all we’ll make it another few years. In this time frame, it seems the older folks continue to age, making for each day far more special than the one before…so we shall push-on….



Midmonth April

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