April 2016

This first quarter of 2016 has been such a different financial time; however, the next quarter should be stress-reduced. By third and forth quarters, all should be just a minimal concern. And it will be a relief for me to adjust to minimal gift giving, minimal purchases of wants but purchases of needs will never slim-down. It is better to give than to receive my father told me, and I am a true believer and doing of this policy.

Monday I have an afternoon appointment with Dr Ruiz, for pains in my upper back around to the chest area; for the past two nights there has also been a charlie horse “cramping” to my left leg … don’t know why but it might be a relating occurrence…or not! I called pulmonary specialist office Tuesday and was advised to contact the primary. However, Dr Patel had previously instructed me to begin Prednsone tablets, on a decreasing daily ingestation, when such problems arise in my chest to back area, which creates difficulty breathing in, coughing, and standing.

12:55 PM 4/3/2016  Came home from University Hospital/Medical Center Friday evening, after a lengthy stay – of 7 days. COPD was bronchitis ridden, escalating Blood Pressure; chest (left lung area) pain … unbelievable. EMTs provided assistance and transportation to emergency room March 26th, 2016. The day before my  birthday…. And, I was admitted to the 4th floor for recovering, for shortness of breath to increase and improve, and to decrease elevated B/P. B/P did not as yet decrease…however, there has been a huge improvement with the left lung area’s discomfort. Only when I place direct body-weight on left side, move left arm to strength or reach, and to inhale deeper
than usual – during oxygen treatment and nebulizer treatments…the discomfort lingers. Hitherto, Tylenol has been the in-hospital analgesic; once home and the discomfort began yesterday afternoon my daughter Jennifer suggested contacting primary physician, for a prescription or advice….

My Jennifer and her friend Yaya came to visit in the afternoon yesterday, after we had spoken on the telephone regarding the left lung discomfort. They bought dinner(s) for each of us (Bob, Dennis, and me) … which was very kind and beautiful gesture. Making my recovering less stressed with concerns, of providing and preparing proper meals …. Soon enough I shall be back on my feet with my family properly being nourished…as they are doing for me now….

My son Dennis went to the pharmacy to pick up the Extra Strength Tylenol  (OTC), as no physical Rx was able to be provided…and the pharmacy would not or could not accept any faxed or called in doctor’s prescription – for anything of required additional strength. Anyway, as of today, there has been much improvements to inhalations, discomfort has not began an up-slide; discomfort is controlled and perhaps – may actually be a cycle completed during this bronchitis-COPD attack within the following few days. I am thankful for the relief, and that my body is beginning to heal itself. This is always such a slow and lingering process, for me, to regain halfway decent psychical agility.  But it will happen soon … !

b-2016-Reddock Lana Caj zaa

My dog Caj is so happy that I am home to snuggle on the couch. He is a blessing. And he is extremely cautious, protective, and even though Bob has been providing excellent pet care throughout this physical ordeal … Caj will not permit him to come near me when I am resting flatly on the couch. Amazing dog of mine…I never trained him to be a protector only a caring, loving, and playful pet…Thank you God for this unique experience!!!

April 2016

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