End of March 2016

i remain in university hospital in Tamarac Fl since Saturday 3/26/2016 for COPD with bronchitis complication. Severe pain and excess fluid loosening but tagging along a few more days. Blah.

My birthday on Easter Sunday this year was celebrated here and friends and relatives were here in body and spirit.

Hoping for X-ray result to display purpose of returned pain and phlegm dis colorations. Maybe all will be better in a day or too.

I miss being home and bitching, cooking, and taking care of my household – even if not perfectly. At least to decrease chores for my husband and son. And even miss my Caj and going on walks morning midday and evenings. He’s a blessing. Charles is missed also as he jumps on the barstool in kitchen and brushes my cheek with his kitty paws meows a good day greeting and just make my day relaxed.

Till tomorrow thus blog update ends the 1st quarter of the year and the new blog may be postponed till I return home…hopefully this weekend


End of March 2016

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