Midmonth March

Brings too many doctor/dentist appointments, not only for myself but Bob, and Dennis. This is a weird occurrence.

Caj (my dog) has been been to the Dog Park last Thursday; he had a great time and socialized with several other dogs. This was his 2nd outing at a pet playground. A video was posted on Facebook.com – from several mini-clips, capturing Caj and the other dogs playfulness.

St, Patrick’s Day was celebrated Saturday in a few locations with parades. As for my household, no celebrating. I am over all that stuff.

Jennifer is doing nicely, and made a fabulous dinner that she brought over to us…Baked Stuffed Shells, and Chicken ‘n-Dumplings. My daughter is amazing. Works all week as a server in Chili’s, on her one day off she takes time to do for others.

Russ and Leta were sick last week with the flu or something similar. Even Danica had be stricken with something. Days and nights of crapping, fever, aches and pains. I had that in January twice this year; it was the most horrendous kind of illness ever. It just did not get better till it ran its course of misery.

Nothing much to add except I wish everybody that does the celebrating on St. Patrick’s Day and all other holidays – ‘take heed to protecting themselves’ safety first fun secondly.

Lana T Reddock, M. Ed

Why do I include the initials baffles me at times but I studied and earned my degree status; this must be psychologically egotistical to share it….

Midmonth March

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