March 2016

This is weird, the Title frame does not permit continual typing. Spacing prior to each character typed was required this morning.

February 29th, 2016 was the first time my dog Caj was to a Dog Park. He has been in training for quite a while – nearing two years – to be acceptable, behavior wise. To my surprise there was no ill-at-easeness for him during the time there. Other dogs were friendly, actively romping, and Caj joined-in. Furthermore, Caj actually was so happy that I got nervous. Although he and the other dogs were distant from me and another pet owner, upon my calling him, “Caj, come.” he ran back to me. It made me proud.

Bringing several dog treats did not actual need to be issued, as there was a innate understanding – I believe – no matter what Caj was doing. He returned to where I sat a second time, fifteen or twenty minutes later as well. So my dog seems to have been benefiting from the training with and without treats. Thank you Ana Padilla…from  in 2014. Your expertise brought me into becoming a knowledgeable pet owner.

95650216311DFAB25.png   p-2014-Reddock Caj zzze -c

Same dog Caj in 2013 and mid 2014 (a huge growth different)

As for this month, yesterday I was busy running a few errors, file maintenance was necessary on the external drive, and just relaxing after dropping Caj off for his quarterly bath. He gained a few pounds; four to be precise. Then walking him about several times, once he was home in the afternoon kept me active with rest periods.

Dinner for us (Bob and Lana) was simple. McDonald’s hamburgers and a unique vegetable medley (i.e.: carrots, brussel sprouts, corn kernels, cauliflower, and assorted seasonings). Simple but tasty and not overbearing.

Today nothing special to do except have time and mileage sheet signed, by the supervisor where I volunteer normally weekly. Maybe I’ll take Caj along for the drive there and he can have a few minutes to show off his improved behavior and sniff about, on the beautiful grassy area.

My grandson and his mom were in the emergency room locally, having his hand x-rayed. During football playfulness he apparently injured it. Fortunately, nothing fractures, only tendons were hurt – creating much discomfort. A splint was administered, and hopefully all will heal while immobilized, in a few days ….

Holiday Collectives is still in the process of developing into a book length self-publication. Perhaps by the end of this month, before my birthday. If not, last year I did enough books to exhaust a professional writer – so I’m good with taking this year slowly.

Lana R

March 2016

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