2016 Mid Month February

Faster than lightning came the first 6 to 7 weeks of our new year. There with the weeks came illnesses, above and beyond beliefs, for myself. First flu-symptoms, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and lack of physical strength. Prior to the end of this horrendous ordeal came forth the choking incident, on a piece of delicious crispy fried chicken.

As the past cannot be changed, varied, nor improved upon – it is believed everything happens for a reason. What reason … that’s the question of the year.

Only a few weeks until I finish this 68th year, which has been out of the norm. But on the brighter side of the coin – maybe this is the best way to end one ‘old year‘ and begin a ‘new year‘ with no additional illness. So keeping in mind that anything can occur, it is my daily agenda to maintain a personal level of stress free and hazard free environment. Hmm…

Everybody else is doing okay in my chain of relatives and friends, so why not end this blog post wishing everybody a healthy and safety conscientious tomorrow….

Lana T Reddock

2016 Mid Month February

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