Midmonth 2016 January

…wow, this is one heck of a new year. I have been sick since New Year’s Eve with something similar to a ‘food poison’ or ‘stomach’ virus. Yep, food consumption and beverage intake has been less than minimal. Two emergency contact calls, for help, to my physician, gave prescribed medications. And during the intact of prescriptions all began a seemingly improvement. Oops…now for more than a few days…midway till today….

Did I state that twice monthly ‘blogs’ would be on the first and the fifteenth?!? Yep, however this is a few days late. On average, for a few years there have been timely posts, so I forgive myself – during this physically ailing time-frame.

Nothing out of the normal daily activity to mention anyway except the All About Bob book has been awaiting orders, from social media acquaintances, relatives, and of course our personal friends.

The Visiting Animals book has been edited to include the ‘headers & footers’ and ‘correct page formatting’ that makes me so happy. It too can be ordered online at http://www.amazon.com; google me (Lana Reddock) and other books will appear, which also can be ordered. So that my viewers is the finale’ completely of 2015.

Moving right along with ‘Holiday Collectives’ will be available, by the end of this month.

Another few books await publishing but not for several weeks into the future.

Good night and may tomorrow (for me) be as pleasant as today, leaving behind the first 2 weeks’ illness. Amen….

Lana Reddock

Midmonth 2016 January

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