2016 Glad to Meet You

Yep “happy new year” for the first time on this January 1st in 2016.

It may not be as productive for me, as 2015; therefore, here is a slim what to expect view:

  • Safety & Health takes top-billing daily
  • Routine household chores shall continue
  • Walking CAJ the dog will not change schedule
  • Books Self-Publishing may be minimal – 4 perhaps
  • Posting ‘simply stating’ should bring things up-to-date and
  • Economically I must be frugal & in need to acquire growth

Now the time has come for me to have a cup of coffee, before preparing for Bob & Lana Reddock’s ‘first brunch’ of this year.

And for anybody interested, fireworks are stupendous; however, animals are hearing sensitive. In plain English – fear becomes the pets’ realm, in the animal lifestyle of quiet. So please use discretionary judgment when a moment arise to celebrate. Thanks for understanding.

Mostly of interest and importance to my household, completed and available books in 2015:

  1. CAJ
  2. Life of a Successful Failure
  3. Gardening with C.O.P.D.
  4. Volunteering
  5. Perspective Learning
  6. Grandma’s Kitchen
  7. Life the Way it Should Be
  8. Grandpa Bob’s Journeys
  9. Poems, Essays, and Dreams
  10. Beware of Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing
  11. Visiting Animals
  12. All About Bob

b-2015-Reddock Robert zyxbb

Bob is my husband of 34 years and a week…!

Holiday Collectives is nearing its final revisions: image descriptions, and page size/format; this book should be available within a week.

A viewer of this blog may ask, “Where can the list of books be accessed, for ordering?

Visit http://www.amazon.com  or


Do a ‘google‘ or ‘yahoo‘ search of: Lana Reddock; there is quite a bit and nothing at all, in my opinion. Mostly it is books, many referring to my lifelong experiences. A few refer to observations, activities, and professions of others. And the main purpose of this ‘self-publish‘ venue is to provide relatives and friends about a simple day-to-year-to-decade bunch of changes. There are not a vast mention; there is however, primarily personal views.

Again, hoping the new year brings goodness into the lives of others, this blog comes to its end…and…begins its new year of collectives to enter. Perhaps JBC will be a website name, for: Just a Bunch of Collectives. It makes sense to me as this was the vast collectives’ original – name – though not applied. My dog CAJ well he was named for a minimized version = Just A Collective. Your comments will greatly assist with the naming, of this well-thought-out possibility.  Oops – reversed letters make my dog standout name wise…!





2016 Glad to Meet You

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