Ten days till Christmas 2015

…Christmas and I can’t wait. it is bringing this year and all other to an end, for the new year to push in. Wow total amazement!!!

Bob and everybody in my family is doing nicely.

The dog and cat are still besties, doing fun playing together daily.

Books are about to bring closure to this year, as early as the day after Christmas. So guess what…this author is so very happy. It has been a very tedious and overwhelming year, working towards ‘collectives’ in print. Memories, images, and anticipations are united into individual ‘topic books’ according to the ‘subjects included reflecting more than a lifetime, for me.

My goal for 2016 is never take on such a scheduled agenda, as monthly presenting a book is just too much.

Tie Score in Wordswithfriends
Tie Score in Wordswithfriends

Wordswithfriends is still a game that Bob and Lana play regularly.

Somethings may never change too much; competitiveness that is.

My daughter, daughter-in-laws, and friends think my husband Bob and me are just over the top too silly. They are correct. Most of the time he and I get in our ‘zone’ and it’s playtime. Yep, minute to minute throwing words back and forth in the game, as we sit on the opposite ends of our chaise couch. We are unbelievable and incredibly unique and funny. What else is there?

Ain’t much more than making the time go by together….

Ten days till Christmas 2015

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