2015 December begins

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Above is our house for more than 30 years, in Tamarac FL; it gets minimal decorations annually for end of the year celebrating. Mostly, this year more than a dozen books are self-published, furthermore the nutcracker collection has 3 hand painted characters, making this one hell of a great year.

Bob is a normally calm and quiet individual. Writing a book of his past that scans 83 years was interesting; filling it with career changes and personal changes – making him far less boring, as he would prefer. And so his negative and positive characteristics unveil moments, Bob continues to successfully achieve daily activities. His health has much improved, his quick to wit has frequently illuminated smirks (by me), and his agenda to self-pursue personal happiness – well, he is a husband of many non-descript innuendos.

Our holidays have been filled with children doing for us, grandchildren making themselves available, and our pets (Caj the dog and Charles the cat) – each has brought happiness. We are thankful more than words can convey.

Tomorrow we both share an office visit with our primary physician.

  • Bob for a regular overview of his health
  • I (Lana) for an examination to assess elevated blood pressure

Anticipating simplicity and results have me concerned, however I believe nothing is without a psychological cure – upon diagnostic explanation.

So you all that believed as I – we share one great thought. As my deceased mother would say, and has frequently told me in the past: “God is good.” Not sure I believe goodness has to do with health, probability dictates believing in an invisible being might maintain tomorrow’s unknown cataclysmic silence.

Please enjoy viewing the slide show at the beginning of this entry. Be safe and be blessed, by whomever or whatever made you strong.

Lana R



2015 December begins

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