2015 Thanksgiving

Bob Bookcover rev

This is the cover for All About Bob book that has been submitted, today for self-publishing. It should be ready to ‘proofread’ in a few days. There is a little over a hundred pages to it.

For this reason I am very thankful. Its been a long time coming, for my husband to acquire his notoriety; not that he has a shady¬† history. Bob contrary to an image of do nothing-er … he does have a large past.

Hopefully his biographic book will clue his relatives and friends to his good deeds. And obviously an octogenarian has numerous decades long gone, a few mishaps and blemishes have been included but smoothed over by the author (me).

Now lest we wish to miss out on a great dinner, it is time for me to shop for a few things. My daughter Jennifer is cooking, as she does annually, for most holidays. She always has a houseful of guests, many bringing side dishes. Every year I think of bringing cider but forget or leave it on the kitchen counter. This year I am kicking my own ass with buying and bringing the apple cider directly to her house; for sure, this will be a complete thanksgiving gala function.

Best wishes that all our family and friends also have a special day, filled with good people and great foods.

Russ and his family: we Floridians will miss you all but are thankful we shared over a week visiting last month.

Renee and Bill: yep hope you’re holiday table and guests have a splendid day.

To my associates and acquaintances in Tamarac Community Center, Aquatic ‘Wellness’ Center, and the bunch of thoughtful individuals hope you all enjoy this holiday weekend, as well.


2015 Thanksgiving

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