2015 Mid-November already

There are only two books remaining, to be self-published, to complete my goal of one per month. In addition to the displayed cover of each book, “All About Bob” is nearly ready to self-publish; it should be by the end of this week – joining my collection. Following it, as December begins the final month in 2015, “Visiting Animals” makes its entry. And just to properly maintain a ‘baker’s dozen’ – “Ornate Collectives” will bring in the new year of 2016.

Why bother one might ask? Just because sometimes reading about a lifestyle or an occurrence makes for good conversation. Adding of course something to look forward to follows, as not everybody can do everything; therefore, spending would be ‘idle time’ becomes a useful venture….

2014 Caj

01 A no pet household turns into a warm and friendly place, for a puppy on its way to euthanasia. Yep, lonely and bored with doing nothing substantial I decided to visit the animal shelter, to adopt. Primarily I was petrified. A beast from hell could be in the pooch. A whimpy do little could surface. Instead the perfectly mixed characteristics in a pup that looked enormous, and unmanageable. But it was a ‘take me home’ woof behind the caged section that stole my heart. Yes the rest is history.

2015 01 Life of

02 What a stupid title for a book you may think. This title is quite explicit, describing the author’s self-projectile of her life. Highly educated, experienced in a couple of careers, and baffled by marriage and family strings brings the perfect balance, to one small woman and her family.2015 02 Gardening

03 As a senior citizen with an ailment called ‘chronic occurring pulmonary disease’ sitting back and waiting to die is not an option – for me. Exploring the beauty of natural growth, dormancy, and when blessed replanting whatever I started filled many hours. Images of negative and positive vegetables, herbs, and flowers display and describe how I focused away from being a patient.

2015 03 Perspective

04 Instructional Technology grabbed hold of me, filled my moments with communications over the internet and provided research as well as educational pursuits – to others. So, this book can increase your skills and abilities on any computer; you too can build a stack of memories in varying topics, to share with others. Creating files, names files, editing files, attaching to email and sending files, and re-sizing images as well as pages encompasses basic computer usage for beginner’s to advanced individuals. 2015 04 Volunteering

05 At times in my life there were stagnancy, providing usefulness I thought of myself. However, being alive 6 decades proves to me that boredom and that blankness is not part of my days at all. Please learn the value of time, by providing others with your expertise and kindness. Not only will this be important to develop your credibility, it will convey and reconfirm you are the best individual to give – any questions???2015 05 LTWISBe

06 My youngest son asked me to described times in my life that he knew nothing or little about. He and his sister and brother also needed to be informed, not of every detail; therefore, furthering his interest led to a book of memoirs that absolutely embellished the most simplistic times.2015 06 Grandmas

07 Nope, I am not a culinary expert; I am not an experienced designer; I am merely a woman that wants the best of both worlds. Too many goals are left behind. Too many wants cannot not afforded. Too many achievements should never be squashed, for fear of ridicule. Bringing forth a few of these idyllic moments in apartment to private house dwellings turn boredom into amazing creative events. Sharing with my children their ideas, my ideas, and my husband’s logical and critical economic ideas – surfaced for sure in this book.2015 07 Grandpa

08 Yep, grandpa Bob and grandma Lana have been several places in our states. We do not often reflect in verbal conversation, once home. Capturing moments of beauty, of relatives, and of traveled roads make for interesting activities – needing to be looked back upon, to appreciate all that we share together.2015 08 Poems 09 Oddly enough memories and reevaluted occurrences push on, which deserved being brought out of my mind; knowing others believe the past is the stepping stone of the future – this book may provide guidelines, for others to capture their memoirs.

2015 09 Beware

10 This book reflects observations in the workplace, as well as personal experiences as a patient, from way back when I was a toddler. Currently, approaching 69 years old, reviewing where I came from and how much or how little has been accomplished makes me proud; not proud of myself. I am proud that my lifetime is continuing, individuals require my advise, and that death does not create fearfulness. Death for me brings about resolution of dissolved hardships, pains, and arrogance pressing into the desired happiness with my family.

And for those individuals with sadness’s – self blessing should replace negligence by others, as being thankful to breath, to think, and to share one moment in time proves you are still very much alive.

Lana T Reddock, M. Ed.

2015 Mid-November already

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