November 2015

Halloween is over.

Thanksgiving is heading our way, for families and friends to gather, at a table to celebrate any good things that have come their way. For my family, there is much to be thankful. Having our daily breath, fairly decent health, and our dwelling is primary. Taking our thoughts to those that have left us, for a better place, we are share ‘thanks be to god’ – for removing somebody from pain and suffering.

As our lives continue to entwine, each of my family members hone up to their respect; unfortunately, others do not comply. For those lacking common decency, we all do not cast our angered hatred. We pursue our silent smiling, to digest our sorrow.

And, as this month begins with two additional books being prepared for self-publishing, over the internet, my heart is filled with self praise. Finding that my lifetime has much to share, in the ways I have observed myself and the individuals in my career choices, availing memories can hopefully increase safety that brings others less pain….

November 2015

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