Good by mom

This is just a blog message to remember the good things about our lives you made me happy you made me said you made me proud you made me mad most of all I’m very glad you are no longer suffering

when I was kid little did I know the things you would teach me and how I would grow and now that you’re gone I like to look back and say thank you again for your heavenly site and even though like years have flown I’m not angry anymore because now I’ve known the person that I should be is very similar to you you see

I was just telling my husband Bob all the things you did I feel like a snob you made breakfast so sweet it’s French toast couple of times a week you made porkchops you boiled water you burned up your sleeve I remember the dumb things that we used to say and do most of all remember I was there with you when I was young that was my time and then you grew up and out of the line

OK now that you’re gone let me just say so OK for me to cry and be angry and one day I’ll be did my kids will know the few things we did make them glow as they show their own kids and the grandkids to how it is to be a grandma how it is to be a mom and what you should really like

again good by Ethel Tucker-Podluski-Briggs-Kuchula. Wednesday October 8, 2016 I did know you would meet with God. Bob and me arrived at our vacation place. But now you are the one on a permanent sabbatical with your sisters and brothers and grandchildren. All are missed on earth but we alive sorrowful now may join our family by thinking about all the simple and wonderful things.

Resr in Peace with my sister Barbara as well till we meet again on one plateau. You almost made it to 90 years young. Now young at heart you will grow more and more in a better place. Amen from the only grown child remaining on earth. Lana Podluski-May-Reddock and children and grandchildren will speak kindly of you at holiday gatherings. You deserve more than afforded you on earth I apologize. You will live on To bring smiles as I make French toast, boiled eggs, and watch ever I do. We shared these things in my youth. I’m sad but now share those good things.

Good by mom

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