Mid-month September 2015

My daughter was born on this day, 43 years ago; I was a struggling single mom back then.

Happy Birthday Jenny and Good Luck in tonight's game Alex.
Happy Birthday Jenny and Good Luck in tonight’s game Alex.

She has since became a mom, a household provider, and a football mom to her youngest son. No time to celebrate and yet, everyday her life is a celebration of hard-work and gratification, of just not sitting around being a lazy-ass. Yep this year should be one of the most valued, as her youngest son has achieved, making her proud of herself for not giving up….

Bob is watching a Miss Marple movie from back in the day; it covers murder mystery solving, to which he and I attempt to analyze the killer(s). It is a typical Tuesday I’d say.

Bob in a restaurant for breakfast, and I of course picture capturing the moment.
Bob in a restaurant for breakfast, and I of course picture capturing the moment.

This day two of the Jewish new year brings hope for peace. Health is the prominent cherished aspect of living. Good wishes are given in words, body language, and embraces to loved ones and strangers, regardless of their faith on this day.

My dog Caj has been surprisingly accomplished, since the previous mention of him. Currently, rolling-over in the backyard with and without treats is a daily routine, most mornings. It surprised me because Caj is a medium sized ‘mixed terrier’ that has taller paws than many other dogs performing (for their owners). The next task for him to master is ‘peep-a-boo’ and this may become a wasted effort, as Caj has no reason to perfect it. He is treated for tricks, spoken to with kind words, and he should understand his life has become part of our household. What adopted dog could have been blessed enough to make the transition, from euthanize-day to forever rescued?

Two happy pets
Two happy pets

Charles has become a most adored cat that we also adopted; from our animal hospital last year. The tiny kitten meowed so much that we thought it was colic, injured, or uncomfortable at first. Since that adoption adjustment time Charles brought happiness, not only to humans in this household. Charles and Caj both have come to delicate playtime, morning – noon – and night. Who is blessed by the two pets? Perhaps, the pets have been blessed by Bob, Lana, and Dennis.

To bring this blog to its end without mentioning two (2) additional books are self-published, well that would be terrible.

“Poems, Essays, and Dreams” should be available on the internet.

“Beware of Wolves In Sheep’s’ Clothing” requires a day or two before available.

“All About Bob” and “Visiting Animals” are the next two (2) books, which complete the goal of 12 books self-published, in 2015. I must be nuts but the collectives available, from many decades of experiments, somehow need to be displayed. My biggest anticipation is for others to select their best or their worst moments, describe and include images, and to publish for me and anybody interested in reality collecting.

Mid-month September 2015

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