3rd Quarter Ends

and final quarter of 2015 is here. Wow did time fly.

My goal is slowly being accomplished, to self-publish a book each month. So far only 2 or 3 book require proper editing, submitting, and proofreading prior to completing my goal. As I sit aiming for my goal with the newest book about to become available, my mind wonders about the next.

So look for Poems, Essays, and Dreams by September 10th, 2015. Directly thereafter is going to be a book length compilation of memories, facts, and updates regarding Medical Facilities. Yep – once titled …In Sheep’s Clothing has been renamed; “Beware of Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing” will be submitted around September 15th, 2015.

At this time when not blogging, reading and editing the previously collected and combined data, inclusions are fast making the original booklength a much better book. As there may never stop being a need for medical facility care, for anybody or even our pets, this book brings a few positive and negative activities into focus. A list of questions to make peace of mind, a list of instinctual feelings to assess, and a bunch of what should be or should not be expected – when in the care of professionals.

No, this book will never change the way things had been; this book will merely inform readers how much improvements have increased the safety and well-being of patients. Little mention about the high technology influential testing, adequate physician on downwardly to nurses, and staff is brought out in the open.

Anybody once a patient has their own opinion; my opinions are from both being a patient as well as studying and being employed in a few facilities. I am not an expert. I am informed and aware of observations that can make the future a better qualifier, to maintain an up-scaled service, and possibly decreased costs to private, professional, and insurance premiums.

And as for my boring private life, all is okay. The mini-stroke has not diminished in my oral cavity; lips, tongue, jaw and left interior mouth continues to be tingling or semi-frozen. Fingertips remain tingling and semi-frozen as well. My dentist has not interest in taking a look, to validate that this occurrence is something he might be able to identify and possibly repair with treatment. So, I am against a wall of ignorance on his behalf, my physician believes it will pass in time, however, my instinct clearly demands answers, all of which are unavailable. Am I furious…? You bet your sweet asses!

My dog Caj has a growth or a boil, on his left rear paw that the veterinarian seemed concerned with at first last month. It is not tumorous only a thing that seems to be decreasing in size with drops, which I was provided. There is no discomfort to the touch any longer; no pain or discomfort brings peace of mind. And the redness in color has turned to light beige, which looks so much smaller than it has been by at least a 1/4 inch around.

So I worry not at this time.

Ferro’s Pizzeria had the best Italian sitdown dinners, plus my daughter-in-law Renee is currently a new server there – bringing her bright smiley ways to customers, makes them feel at home.

My husband Bob was given a great report by our family physician, yesterday, after his annual physical. Guess I have no worries whatsoever. Thank goodness….


3rd Quarter Ends

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